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This was great. Now I'm legitimately excited about GB East.

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Not jumping out of my seat excited, but I'll sure play more Borderlands, and big jumps and jetpacks and ground pounds all seem like great additions. More or less a guaranteed purchase from my end.

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I want to see how well this will work. Possibly at full price.

I let my 3-year-old use my 360 Kinect on occasion (Fruit Ninja, Kinect Party) and every time I think about how it's sitting beside this theoretically better, newer one that just doesn't have any software to test it out with.

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I quite enjoyed this game, playing it on a stormy night, headphones on, leaning in to a computer screen.

Not sure how that experience will translate to a living room/television. I felt like the game was paced like a choose-your-own adventure book... I'm not sure I'd want that slow pacing and all that reading on my TV screen.

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All of their messaging has been anti-consumer so maybe I'm foolish to be surprised. "We will monitor you at all times, force you to upgrade your internet connection, stop you from sharing your expensive games with your friends, and charge you $500 for the privilege."

On the plus side, looks like I'll be playing my Xbox 360 for some time longer, and I already like that thing.

If the PS4 comes in lower (since I assume the Eye will not be bundled) I think they are heading in to next-gen in a good position.

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This is just bad policy.

Xbox Live has gone down. Broadband connections go down all the time.

Microsoft's response to these scenarios that are more or less guaranteed to happen is to not care.

I want to see how Microsoft handles Xbox Live going down before I am willing to commit to an Xbox One purchase. They are showing their hand of caring very little about customers and more about their own business and partners.

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Ha, I noticed this too! In general, some of the conversations will get really strange with this ambiguity.

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He called the original Xbox "Xbox 1." Tee hee. Confusion already.

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I was hoping to be a little more excited by this.

What I want to see is how well-produced the main quest line in a given play set is going to be. I love the Incredibles, and I loved the look of the game and how the character movesets looked and animated, but if the quests are super simple and the game is boring I don't think I'm "in" for this.

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People who cut off the arm are complete idiots. If he's already passing out from the virus that means it's reached the brain, cutting the arm off would do jack shit.

Maybe I didn't need to be mentally cross-referencing the show and game, but cutting off a limb in the show seems to have worked for someone. I knew Lee had let too much time pass, but any chance I could give Lee to have more time, I owed it to Clem to take it...

It was a decision I struggled with and made the call in the moment and I'm actually surprised it's the same call that most people made (especially since I only had Kenny with me and not a big crowd of disapproving faces to guilt me in to it).


Thought process: Lee is doomed anyway, this may or may not help, and any chance I can take - even the slightest - that would keep Lee alive longer to find Clem is the right choice. "This probably won't help" is definitely a thought that went through my head while Kenny was busy cutting.

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@tristenkw5: She already knows how to use a gun and defend herself.

Yeah, she already knows how to shoot at zombies, BUT, does she know how to shoot those who she actually cares for? It's a zombie apocalypse. Sometimes you just gotta finish the job onto the ones you love.

Shows how people play differently. I never made anyone shoot someone they loved if I could help it or do it for them. Making her handcuff Lee was like Lee doing it for Clem.