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Thanks for the reads Patrick. I rarely have the time to devote enough attention to videos these days so I was always excited to see some written content on the site, sad I won't get my GB Worth Reading fix anymore. All the best.

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If this potentially means 2 Bombcasts per week... I'll allow it.

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Well, no way Carmack is going to QuakeCon now... :S

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Great article Patrick!

I will check this game out as soon as I've upgraded my clunky old machine off of Vista.

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What a great series and a great way to get some additional closure from the episodes. Thank you Patrick for doing these!

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I love Giant Bomb. This thread is so great.

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Somebody's gotta make the yearly licensed cash in titles for those upcoming yearly Star Wars movies. Might as well be the company completely unconcerned with a negative public perception.

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I loved Arkham Asylum. It was my favourite game that year.

However, I don't need to pay more money to have the same experience again. I skipped Arkham City, and I'll skip Arkham Origins.

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Nice tribute Alex. I miss the widespread enthusiasm around the Rock Band 1 and 2 days. I bought 3 but had lost interest by that point.

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I get the PS3/360 versions, but I don't get bumping the Wii U version back.

I thought Rayman Origins didn't do very well on current gen platforms. It seems like they could have build mindshare by having Legends known as one of the best games on Wii U (instead of a sequel to a failed platformer on the other consoles).