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I have had nothing but contempt for Gamestop for years. Countless pre-orders that mysteriously were lost, or bought buy the Manager or employees. Not getting Pre-order swag even though I was the first person to do so because the Manager wanted it. Got one manager fired from the Gamestop in Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor over a Pre-Order i made online and shipped to that particular store. They called me said game was in and I drove an hour to pick it up. When I show up the fun-ployee said they had none left.  I said "Pete" called me and said it was in 1 hour ago. He went to the back and got "Pete" the manager who proceeded to tell me he gave out the last copy to someone he 100% knew pre-ordered it. I called Gamestop HQ got on the phone with Customer Service they looked at the register sales and he was right, he did sell the last pre-order copy 30 minutes ago to himself. He was actually in the back playing it while eating his Subway lunch. The regional director actually drove a copy he tracked down for 2 days to my doorstep. Needless to say I will never buy New, nor Pre-order anything there.
Last straw was when I went to pick up GRAW on launch day waited for 30 minutes for employee to stop trying to get people to pre-order The Outfit or Kingdom Hearts 2. All the while the manager counted the only other register. My friend Kyle walked in the door and said "Hey you got any copies of GRAW for the 360?" the manger stopped counting and said "No" I said I have been waiting 30 minutes to be told you have 0 even though I pre-ordered it? He said I did not even see you sir. I blew up and made a huge scene in which the whole store applauded as I left and went to Game Crazy and bout a copy off the shelf.
F&%$ Gamestop.

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I used to be all about getting achievements, boosting, just all around having fun online. Back in the early days of the 360 I had so much fun playing with friends and my Clan. Getting achievements....which was easier by having a Clan of over 100 people. Now it is hard for me to even motivate myself to play online at all with normal people. The Clan burned me out with all it's drama, online gaming has become a bunch of 13 year olds talking Sh@$ and throwing the "N" word around to everyone.
Before it used to be fun playing and owning people they would look at my tag give me negative feedback for owning them or they would send me friend request because my score was so high. Before i used to hate both sides of that. Now I kinda miss it.....
Where have all the fun times gone? I hope with the arrival of  the new GRAW I will once again have fun with my friends online. and whoring will just be something I do when nobody is on to play with not something I do to avoid people.

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It reminds of the Bonus stuff they added to the original on the PS3.