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As a person who loved Freelancer and Independence War: Edge of Chaos, i am very interested in this game after I saw it showing up on my Steam recommendation page. I looked it up on Giant Bomb and there is no quick look or any discussion(I hope we can get a quick look of it).

The last time I had a Freelancer-like fun time was when Darkstar One came out, even though it had bad characters, terrible voice-acting, and shallow gameplay. I am hoping that Starpoint Gemini 2 will be good so i have something to scratch that itch before Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen come out.

Has anyone tried it? Is it worth purchasing?

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I didn't like Patrick when he first appeared in BC. However, now I am really happy there are members of Giant Bomb who don't just want to shoot while playing video games, who understand games as an art form and can talk intelligently about it, who can appreciate RPGs with complex combat system and challenging difficulty so Vinny will no longer be alone defending his favorite RPGs as top 10 games of the year. :)

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I made this Witcher 2 fan art. :)

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@AnxiousTube said:

Because although your paying money for better equipment, there is no way to know exactly what equipment you would be getting. It's like gambling, it could possibly lead to a lot of money in EA's bank, and a lot of people with a gambling problem; if they let they stick with the game.

I agree. Living in Asia, where free-to-play games with this sort of "paying for random equipment" are the norm, I have witnessed it first-hand, I saw gamers who are unaware that they have gambling problems that need psychotherapy because they think they are just palying games, not gambling; I saw teenagers bullying their classmates for money so that they can spend those money on in-game items; I saw people robbing convenient stores for pre-paid in-game currency. Game companies will just take steps further if people don't complain about it. That's what is happening in Asia. Don't let this sort of shit happen in America, fellow gamers! :)

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I am also not a fan of Conor's costume in Assassin's Creed III. I think this would be more fitting to the American theme, and the assassin would have the benefit of blending into the environment more easily :D

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The only thing they need to do is to kidnap Greg Kasavin from Supergiant!

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The person who invaded you might be someone who used a low level character to beat the game(multiple times even), got the weapon he wanted, and then started doing PvP to kill ill-equipped new players.

I know there are quite a few people who beat the game multiple times with extremely low-level characters in the region where I live.

These low level characters tend to prefer elemental/magic weapons because these weapons are not stats-dependant. Lightning weapons are especially popular because new players usually lack lightning resistance.

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6 pages, yet no one even mentioned the Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Come on, people, it is a good game!

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I think it's working now, I hope......