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Ellen Paige is an obnoxious, pretentious little scrag. I can't stand the sight of her face. Hell no will I buy this game.

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Anita is definitely a fraud at worst and an inept academic at best, but now I'm just bored with the controversy surrounding her. She doesn't deserve any of it because she simply doesn't deserve ANY attention. She's not worth anyone's attention ever. She's just making a career out of her professional victimhood and this is far more obvious now that we've seen the products of her overfunded kickstarter.

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I hear Eve is as exciting as real life and that's why I never play it. I tried it for a bit, but it felt too inaccessible to me for so many reasons.

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When I'm on Freeones browsing the Anal category I get up to like 60 tabs open. Then I go through them quickly and see which ones are worth keeping open.

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I've always wanted to make one of these. I know New Vegas would be considered a dated game now, but still. The sandbox quality of this game makes it so much more easier and fun to capture your own footage. The song is Unless by the band Atoms For Peace. I'd be very appreciate of any feedback. Many thanks!

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I only clicked on this for Manny. Where's Manny?

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@Little_Socrates: Fallout 2 did a far less subtle job of poking fun at Scientology.

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@Nightriff: I got that game mapped perfectly to my Xbox controller. It's a sheer joy to play it on too. Over 200 hours logged!

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I could never get Platinum God for some reason. I had read a bunch of forums saying it was hard to get due to buginess in the the game.