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Euro folks i have two spare ps4 codes



these codes may still be available to get whatever you want




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i love knock knock but i think its mainly because of the level its played on felt like i had actually accomplished something when i finally beat that!

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@sploder: i try to avoid looking at my face as much as possible

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Really enjoying my time with the ps4 but the one thing that has left me a little disappointed is the lack of new icons for your profile.

Maybe its my design obsessions but with xbox getting folks like always with honor there all great! i'm tempted to make my facebook profile one of these just to have it show up.

Sony really needs to get some cool designers in too its not like were all busy or something!

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Started my classic iron man run, had a bunch of full squad wipe missions but still got up to building a mec lady had fun in the one mission she lasted as another squad of rookies died around her, bloody thin men! called it quits after that. I think I may drop down to normal but play with crazy squads or something. still super fun and a huge factor in me probably not bothering with next gen.

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I enjoyed 1, LOVED liberation! they need to do another one like that! skipped 2, i have tried to play 3 but i don't think its very good.

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big fan of the uk mgs 4 box makes up for paying more for things!

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just tried to play killzone 3 got shot up a bunch of times that dumb ass guy didn't bother to revive me turned me ps3 off and went to amazon to try and cancel my preorder this and the quick look have reminded me just how annoying these games are to me hopefully i can just get battlefield and be happy but i'm not sure if i need the ps4 day one anymore

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Oh wow the same game we have all been playing for years will look a bit better on ps4 not that you will actually care at all after the initial ''oh wow'' of fancy new graphics.

Go back to ps2, a few minutes of thinking ''this looks like crap now'' but you get over it. I understand that right now graphics are the most important thing since that's all most of us can do but look, but personally i'm not looking for graphics i'm looking for cool new games they could look like a ps1 for all i care.

After that buzz your gonna be left with a slightly better looking 6 year old(ish) game.

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Anyone else thinking about walking dead during the leg bit? i don't get why these games have the ''push button to do thing'' i think it's clear what you need to do in that section when he hands you the fecking knife!