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Seems totally fine to me no way deserving of how much the press have been going on about how bad it is.

The sooner the press complete this game and move on to snark about something else the better.

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Hello! Just joined the EU clan i'm a brit playing on ps4 will be online around 7 tonight is anyone wants to party up,

my psn is thom-hill

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@loginrejected: thank you for making this post iv been wanting to post something like it but had no idea how to start.

For the last few weeks i'v felt like i was back at school when a teacher collectively told off the entire class you know these things are wrong you would never do them but again and again your yelled at and i start to feel like part of the problem.

"young men queuing with plush mushroom hats and backpacks and jutting promo poster rolls. Queuing passionately for hours, at events around the world" - this part really annoyed me like pax is this weekend? Are all those folks bad people for wanting to go and have a great time, meet ups, watching the royal rumble?

I think these discussions need to happen because i love games and diversity will bring more diverse games but i hate feeling so guilty when i know i'm a decent human.

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It's all just spin for when sony comes out and say's "rise of tomb raider out exclusively now! on ps4!" then a bunch of tombs fall from the ceiling we all cheer.

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Euro folks i have two spare ps4 codes



these codes may still be available to get whatever you want




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i love knock knock but i think its mainly because of the level its played on felt like i had actually accomplished something when i finally beat that!

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@sploder: i try to avoid looking at my face as much as possible

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Really enjoying my time with the ps4 but the one thing that has left me a little disappointed is the lack of new icons for your profile.

Maybe its my design obsessions but with xbox getting folks like always with honor there all great! i'm tempted to make my facebook profile one of these just to have it show up.

Sony really needs to get some cool designers in too its not like were all busy or something!