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I think what's really missing from games coverage is 20somethings w humanties degrees offering business advice to multinational corporations.

This one is a gem.

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I'm still early in this game (Level 8 or 9) but it feels like all of the loot I get is utter shit compared to what I already have. Is the whole point to get orbs to upgrade what you have or do you eventually start getting weapon and armor drops that are the typical like what you have but better?

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The best energy drink was a short-lived Coca-cola beverage called KMX. I genuinely believe it was a dangerous product though. No energy drink I've ever had created the buzz that one did. It felt like something that would be banned.

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I've cheated and caught others cheating. Never snitched. I don't see the point. I was never competing for valedictorian so my ranking vs another student was irrelevant. With no benefit to me, it never entered my mind to rat someone out. I just felt sorry that they were that terrible at cheating.

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When they did the Deadly Premonition Endurance Run I was watching almost double digit amounts per week.

Post that and post getting a full time job, it's like zero hours most months. I'll watch a quick look for games I'm curious about though. The last one in the past few months was the Beyond one yesterday.

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Complaining, hyperbole, and trolling are the entire purpose of internet commentary.

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@deavyin: This site needs a thumbs/like button. Great post.

I like the Forbes review because the text itself seems completely unrelated to the final score. The author describes how Beyond is not really game and it's completely linear and there's not really any choice you get as a player and it's just a long cutscene and the story is kind of meh... but anyway, 9 out of 10!

? That review was overwhelmingly positive. I'm not sure how you were thrown for a loop by the text vs the score.

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I thought Indigo Prophecy was unplayable due to the controls at times, but I like Cage's work on everything after that. People call his writing terrible, but to me it's on par with or exceeds most games out there. Walking Dead had plenty of cheese in it and I lol hard at anyone who would compare the writing, voice work, and physical performances of QD against AAA content like Call of Duty, Gears of War, Tomb Raider, and all but the creme de la creme and say QD titles are the ones that come up short. It may not rival $10M per episode House of Cards or shows that went down in history as like the Top 25 TV series ever made, but no game is and it's lame imo to try and single out QD like they're the only ones failing while every other game is easily handling it.

Anyways, Quantic Dream is one of the only companies that even seems remotely interested in making these types of interactive experiences. Of the few willing to work in that genre, nobody is coming anywhere close to matching them on technical expertise and visual fidelity. The others either aren't trying or can't get anyone to finance it.

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Damn. RIP.

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People are seriously getting upset about patches? Have you guys been living in the dark for the past console gen or never used a PC in the last 20 years?