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rest in peace Ryan. The world is a sadder place without you

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Joining the crew


Name: Ani

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I'm down. Im gonna get it on PC. my steam account is silverblade19875

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I've had that same problem I will try your trick and see if that works

UPDATE: ok it eventually unfroze after i fucked around with some settings. Weird. Thanks for that though

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I am glad that GB will be able to become bigger and better. However, the one thing that I know will happen which I hope doesn't is having ads on the website. Thats one thing about this site that I really really love is not being shoved down my throat with ads for games.

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wow that was a fantastic interview. I love how humble and honest he is and his willingness to challenge the conventions of gaming. I already preordered journey and can't wait to play it

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@familyphotoshoot said:

I'm not even going to get into the full-retard logic of "We created synthetics to kill organics so that organics don't create synthetics that will kill organics". They should have stuck with the dark energy stuff they hinted at in ME2.

Especially considering how EDI and the geth are 2 huge counter examples to that logic. Yeah man it sucks especially considering that up until that point the game was fucking amazing.

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Oh would you look at that.

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Also making a game longer doesn't make it better. Modern Warfare 3 was a perfect example of this. That game's SP only lasted about 5 hours but I was glad because any longer than that and it would have overstayed its welcome. I thought that it was an enjoyable 5 hour ride. On the other end was Skyward Sword which padded out its length with useless and repetitive quests that diminished what could have been a phenomenal game. Quality over quantity my good man

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@big_jon said:

@The_Laughing_Man: It does to the developers, even though it is dumb.

Also, this thread is dumb.

hey man i knew it was dumb the moment i wrote it. but with all the bullshit surrounding this game i was getting sick and tired of hearing people make such a big deal out of nothing so i wanted to have some fun with this and talk about something equally as dumb as a thread on the DLC and whether or not its 'vital' to the core story.