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Everyone has a right to get paid I guess - its just strange to get it from (and know you'll ultimately be benefiting) the guys who did you rotten last time - I hope this doesn't all end in tears - long live Giant Bomb!

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I find news in video format a bit of chore as you have to listen to stuff that you're not interested in - much prefer punchy editorial that I scan through. If there's going to be video/audio, it should be deeper analysis or discussion on the really big stories, rather than a round-up. Expose features would be good too. Just my two cents.

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Hang on - you transform it with a circular motion? - What happens when I go to do a spinning pile driver? - Will I accidentally transform it back?!

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Sony and Nintendo own the patents for the most obvious D-pad design solutions - kind of explains why it took MS so long to come up with something that wouldn't infringe on those patents, and why it's such an odd solution.

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no stupidier than night vision goggles

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Reminds me of the old days of press from the 1990s - the only people who read "official" mags are fan boys of that platform who are reading what they want to read.

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Cheers - just signed up - can't decide whether to be Federation or Klingon Empire when it comes out :)

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As per the recent bombcast, what retro games do people want a quick look of?

I'll kick off with BloodNet, the excellent 1995 Cybergoth RPG for the Amiga and PC .
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I hate to say it, but I think Gamespot might be a bit PS3 biased - I'll await their sore for Resistance 2 to find out.

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Do we like or prefer the old "bomb"?

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