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@artisanbreads: For what it's worth I believe that is the crystal curse spreading across her skin, not tatoos. Judging by the concept art of the main villain, the victim winds up looking like a stained glass window by the end. The title is likely a play on that!

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@westernwizard: It's likely only because games were still being pioneered back in those days, and with much smaller teams to boot. Much like anything else it's been tainted by the business aspect of things at this point.

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I'm glad Yiazmat from Final Fantasy 12 got a few mentions, it's the only FF super boss I've ever given up on. Whoever decided that he should have the Death status attached to his regular melee attacks needs a good slap in the face. SO monotonous having to constantly revive and reapply buffs.

On the other end of the spectrum, I really like the boss fights in FF 6. They don't have much health, but they can still dish out an ass whooping. It makes the fights really intense and they don't overstay their welcome.

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Just started the game yesterday, and I've noticed that I tend to lose all of the Guard that I've accumulated whenever I'm struck from behind. Does a flanking attack automatically remove all Guard, or does the damage bonus just so happen to be enough to knock it off every time?

In either case, would Bears Maul the Wolves eliminate this problem for me?

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If Patrick of all people didn't feel the need to bring it up, then there likely isn't an issue at all.

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The animations seem vastly improved so far, which is the main thing I've wanted addressed for quite some time now. It would be nice to see more than 3 moves, though.

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Bomb Jammer Lammy

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I feel like a lot of people are showing their ass in this thread. Three or four people seemed genuinely interested in subscribing to this thing, but everyone else just seems pissy that they didn't get to personally turn it down.

I'm glad Sony turned it down, myself, even if it was only for their own interests (fairly likely). I already hate preorder bonuses and retailer exclusives, I can only imagine what sort of shenanigans publishers will eventually be up to with their own subscription services, not to mention that this currently looks like a bad deal to me regardless.

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There were rumors a few months back that Undertaker had requested to work with Daniel Bryan this year. I wonder if this is the reason why? Perhaps Taker knew that he wanted the streak to end this year, and Bryan was the one he wanted to give it to. Unfortunately the main event needed Bryan in order to be interesting, and I suppose WWE wanted a big match for Lesnar to justify his price tag, so they put him with Taker. I wonder what the reaction would have been to Daniel Bryan ending the streak?

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Rubbing alcohol with q-tips and a can of air seems to have done the trick! Thanks for your help, guys!