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Great article, there will always be those scumbags and cowards out there, you cant do much about them, you can only choose your own actions and turning around and being nasty to the other 99% because of that 1% is never the right choice.

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This whole situation is shitty :( And all this brouhaha simply takes the focus away from what Rab was trying to say in his original article as highlighted in:

the wainwright stuff has rightfully superceded the issues in the original article

the very first step in addressing the being able to address the issue without legal threats and people losing their jobs, if we cant even do that much, focusing on the other issues isnt even an option

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Entertaining situation.

Eh, way too much name called and stupidity, she deserves serious actual criticism and admonishment for the vast array of things she has actually done wrong. not random internet rage

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Utterly terrible, someone deserved to lose their job over this, it certainly shouldnt have been Rab.