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@MrKlorox said:
"4-door - Sultan Sports - Sultan RS Bike - Bati 800 (or custom)  I dunno if the Double T or Bati 800 are fastest. I know the Double is lighter, but I like the way the Bati takes corners. "

actually the hakuchau custom is the fastest bike in the game :o
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im not so sure about that spike  
there is a definite reference to Hot Coffee with the acheivement Warm Coffee 
When you ask michelle to go inside she says "yeah, for twenty million dollars" referring to the money R* had to pay for the Hot Coffee incident
(notice i used the word Coffee about 4 times lol)
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pick this cop car :D
"I like the one that runs over people.   I never really had a favorite, but If I had to choose I would pick the cop car. "
Pick this cop car :D 

Australian cop car :D
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I cant wait for it. The bouncering activity look more interesting then i though it would be.  
i thought you would just have to throw people out and it would be like crowd control on SR2. 
Turns out you can hang with celebrity's and take brobes from people and celebs not to get thrown out.  
you can also confiscate peoples stuff and if they refuse to leave you can pretty mutch drag them out by their hair lol. 
Also you can drive peoples limos for them and be a getaway driver when the paparazzi gets too close
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i play GTA4 all the time. irts like my favorite game :D
The ladies LOVE hybrids
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rofl >.<

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i freaked out when my xbox live account got hacked
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all i know is it would hurt...