Osu! has been one of my favorite Games since ever so I thought I share the Joy and tell you about Osu!.
Osu! is a Rhythm Game where you have to hit circles that appear on screen with your Mouse. Theres also Spinners and Sliders. Spinners you have to rotate the mouse around like crazy to "hit" it. And Sliders start out as normal Circles and then you have to follow their Track with your Mouse. All that happens playing a Song in the Background but you can´t just use your own songs. On the Osu! Website there is a Section called Beatmaps which are pretty much the Songs that were made into Maps for Osu!. That pretty much covers it and since I´m really bad at explaining things I recorded me playing a Beatmap in Osu!. The Song is Reach out to the Truth (Instrumental) from Persona 4:    
So if your bored, go ahead and download Osu! here: 
http://osu.ppy.sh/p/download. Don´t forget to register or else you can´t download Beatmaps. 
Have Fun!


Preparing for P3P.....

 So I recently started playing P3:FES to get myself pumped up for P3P. 
I´m really digging it with the Social Link stuff being the most fun for me.
Also if someone has some tips for me on how to spend the time the most efficient be my guest since I have no idea when I should go to Tatarus and when I should do stuff like studying, going to the arcade etc. But yeah P3P is already preordered and I´m hoping that I get P3:FES done first so that I can play with the Female MC and have some experience when it comes to how to spend the time.