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@gaspower: Yeah, I can understand the time difference and stuff but it´s just a bit jarring since the internet at large convinced me that F/SN was some sort of masterpiece. And yeah, Ufotable has done a fantastic job so far and from what I´ve heard actually cut out some unnecessary fluff and polished the whole thing up. I guess I just like Urobuchi too much and keep comparing his work to Nasu´s.

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Fate/stay night: UBW 8

EIN KÖRPER IST EIN KÖRPER. For anyone wondering, that pretty much means "a body is a body". Bad German aside, this was a fun episode but I still feel like something is missing from UBW to really make it a favorite of mine. Like, at this point in Fate/zero I was already heavily invested in the conflict but I´m not really feeling that here. The action is great of course but something about the writing seems much more stiff and amateurish when compared to Zero. I guess it makes sense since Zero was written by Urobuchi. So yeah, UBW keeps trucking along steadily but I hope it starts kicking into high gear from here on out. I wanna see some crazy fights and twists!

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@super2j: I can see how people who enjoy chuuni antics or just the general humor of Inou liked the episode. But yeah, I hope it goes back to focusing on the characters again even though most issues have kinda been solved.

Also let me just say that this was a reasonable conversation of two different perspectives which is something I don´t usually have when it comes to Anime

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@super2j: I dunno, I just don´t find Tomoya´s Brother that interesting I guess? I was expecting some more heartfelt character drama but instead I got wacky fairy war hijinks outta fucking nowhere. Besides, the final scene being a punchline is my exact problem. I just don´t find the comedy of the show appealing enough to carry it. It was really the more serious moments that made it, imo.

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Inou-Battle 8

Without spoiling anything, man talk about a downgrade in quality. How did they go from a top moment of the year to this?

Parasyte 8+9

Fortunately, Parasyte more than made up for Inou slacking. And even on 2 episodes it still manages to leave us on a cliffhanger.

Gotta say though, that scene where he put the dead dog in the trash can, man that made me laugh real hard cause it was unexpected as hell

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@aegon: Ha, well that´s quite the funny coincidence. And most MAL threads I´ve read have not gone as in depth as I think you want.

Parasyte 7:

And Parasyte pulls yet another fantastic episode. The fight was great and small touches like Shinichi closing his eyes to avoid seeing his "mother" transform really sell him as a believable character. I also really like that the show has Shinichi constantly pondering over his state of being "human". Especially now that there have been some apparent changes to both his abilities and personality. In general the show´s been pretty much about what it means to be human (not really surprising I know) and I really like that.

Next week we´re gonna get 2 episodes at once which makes waiting even more painful.

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@aegon: MAL would be best for single episodes. If you are just looking for a general review about the show I recommend this link:

In case anyone is not familiar, wrongeverytime is run by a blogger with the nickname of Bobduh. He´s an anime reviewer who has recently been picked up by ANN under the name of Nick Creamer. I really recommend reading his stuff, although expect a lot of talk about themes and morals and not much about the overall plot of whatever he´s reviewing.

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@wraith1: I do know that, but apparently Trigger cut out a lot of fluff and unnecessary chatter and rearranged some scenes to make it flow better so it still kinda counts. :P

@babychoochoo: It surprises me that anyone would talk out in favor of Penguindrum, as most of what I´ve heard of it has been kinda lukewarm. But, I might as well give it a try.

So, expect me to kinda give my feelings on the show as I go through episode by episode, if that´s okay in the thread and not something more for a blog.

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@daveyo520: As far as I´m concerned they saved it long ago with Inferno Cop.

I´m being really indecisive about which show to start next. I´ve got like 20 shows on my to-watch list and choosing 1 of them is gonna be real hard. So, what do you all recommend I watch first? The 3 that I have my eye on at the moment are Psycho-Pass, Gatchaman Crowds and Mawaru Penguindrum. Or maybe I should just go and finish Durarara! already since there will be a second season of that coming next year.

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So ahm, you guys like anime? For some reason I never posted here before despite being an avid watcher, so it´s time to change that!

And let´s start with episode 7 of Inou-Battle:

That was one hell of an explosion by Hatoko, and one that I and probably a lot of other people can relate to. Her talking about not understanding why things are cool and telling Andou to talk in his own words could have easily been about a different topic, not chuuni but maybe something we all enjoy like anime or even video games and that´s why it hit me so hard, because I definitely have friends that have put up with me talking about "oh man, this scene in blalabala was so cool and...." and I can just see myself in Andou´s position very easily.

So yeah, great episode and I´m glad I stuck with Inou-Battle.