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Isaac definitely.  And Tom Nook too!  I'd imagine that he'd pull out bags of coins from the ground and when you hit your opponent with it, coins spill out even if it's not a coin match =-D. 

I thought about Mario Kart too.  The more I thought about a Toad moveset the more I considered Toad's forward B to be similar to Wario's Motorcycle except he rides his go-kart instead.

I would've liked to see another Metroid character.  Maybe one of the hunters from Metroid Prime: Hunters DS?  I think Ashley from Warioware would've been another great character.

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Have a stage you wish you could play on but it's just not in Brawl?  Whether it was dropped from SSB64/Melee or you think it's a great idea, get your voice heard here.  Personally, here are some stages I'd like to see:

Dream Land 64:  From SBB64 and also in Melee, it was one of my favorite stages and just didn't make it in Brawl.
Termina Bay:  From Melee, I just love the turtle.  I mean I know Majora's Mask wasn't a masterpiece but... come on.
Tetris:  Definitely should be it's own stage.  High vertical walls on the side and have blocks falling on top of you?  Maybe the game will even play the game well and keep clearing lines =-).
Paper Mario:  Not sure what kind of stage, but I'd love seeing a paper mario stage.
Fountain of Dreams:  Honestly.  With the best song in Melee by far why was this stage dropped?
Harvest Moon:  I'm not sure how you'd make it a stage.  Would it just be a run down farm field?  It still needs a stage!

Post any ideas you have!

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Whether they were removed from Melee or you just think it'd be awesome to play as them, make your opinion heard in this thread.  Just try to be as practical as possible.  Note:  Do not list characters already in the game.  What's the point of wishing you could play as a character if you already can!

Personally, I'd like to see:
Leon (Resident Evil 4)
Jack (Harvest Moon.  I'm pretty sure this is the standard name for the protagonist)
Megaman (Megaman series)
Zero (Megaman X series)
Ryu (Street Fighter Series.  And with an alternate color that matches Ken)
Knuckles (Sonic series.  And honestly with gliding and wall clinging why ISN'T he in this game!!!)
Baby Bowser (Maybe with the paintbrush from Sunshine?)
Pichu (Come on.  You know he was adorable.  And there should be characters that are complete jokes)
Mii (I would love playing as myself with no special abilities or powerups.  A great joke character)
Toad (I know Peach is holding one but HONESTLY.  He needs to be playable!)

Maybe I'll think of more later on, but tell me what characters you agree with or mention your own ideas!

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Pirate Ship has my favorite song and I LOVE the art style, but in terms of how a stage plays mechanically I really love warioware and pictochat.  Some other stages I really like are Delfino Plaza (again the awesome visuals and music), Mario Circuit, and Smashville (it's boring, but it has KK slider).

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Items are highly debated and I'll try to be as intelligent about this as possible.  In the end, it depends on how you plan on playing the game and is purely preference.  There is no "best" option for items, it's just how you plan on playing the game.  That being said...

So right off the bat I'll say that I play Brawl competitively.  I'm not good, but I do play it 3-stock, no items, and only the boring stages.  I do this not because I want to limit aspects of the game, but because I enjoy playing Brawl as a fighting game.  If you put Brawl into perspective as a fighting game, items quickly limit skill.  They reward the faster characters with power ups that create an even more unfair advantage that does not require the technical skill I'm looking for in a match (e.g. curry, hammers, smashball, etc).  Even simple items like the fan, bat, or light sword can be abused for heavy damage that wouldn't be obtained in a match without items.  By adding items, you are less likely to use the simpler aerials or tilts that are no longer useful in an items match.

Items make the game more crazy and more fun for the masses, but if you plan on playing it competitively with other hardcore gamers, I would personally turn them off.  Completely.

However just because I play competitively without items doesn't mean you can't play competitively WITH items.  EVO, a large scale tournament organizer for Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, SF3, and SF2 Turbo added Brawl to their tournament roster this year including some items in the ruleset.  A lot of the competitive community for Brawl has boycotted these tournaments while others say "I will attend, but only to support the competitive scene and debate items in person".  For those curious, their allowed items are: Banana Peel, Unira, Spring, Mr. Saturn, Green Shell, Smoke Ball, Freezie, Super Scope, Sandbag, Food, Screw Attack, Warp Star, Metal Box, Bunny Hood, Beam Sword, Baseball Bat, Lip's Stick, Star Rod, Hothead, Smash Ball, Ray Gun, Pitfall, Cracker Launcher, Motion-Sensor Bomb, Hammer, Golden Hammer, Bumper, and Franklin Badge.

To conclude, I personally play without items.  But honestly?  Do whatever you have the most fun doing.  Play to have fun.  End of story.