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@trafalgarlaw: lol just no so wrong i'm afraid most people have just stuck with the 360 pads

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@jasonr86 said:

Graphically it looked really nice but the gameplay looked practically unchanged from 3. Which I don't like.

you mean apart from the heavily revamped ship to ship combat which now includes boarding, creating a flotilla of ships, attacking ports, mini mystery islands to explore an actually big open world to go around this time?

Yup sounds identical to me lol

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@maskedarcstrike: Sorry wrong wrong wrong lol the flare DID happen and she saved the human race from dying from it, now shes around and able to what every she wants with us the planet etc

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Did this happen on honey moon? its so sad ! did you guys only just find out after 5 days ? or was it out of respect to his wife and family that you didn't release the news till today?

I'm genuinely shocked and can only hope that his passing was either quick and painless or at least surrounded by his new wife and family with as little pain as possible.

If the family is ok with it i think i speak for most of the subscribers and the community in saying we need to make sure he is remembered as the awesome guy that he was and in a way that shows just how much the GB community will miss him.

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Well thanks to all the people who moaned about the what i saw as non issues, i cant have my family sharing and no disk in drive play that i was looking forward to ..... progress has to happen just not any time soon it seems, sooner steams way of buying games comes to consoles the better

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And yup after reading that article they posted some of the cool features that all the online checks where bringing with them are now gone....thanks internet this is why we cant have nice things....sigh

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Sounds great if it gets all the hate of their backs and makes people excited about the console again, if its going to make all the good things like playing your games from anywhere without a disc or sharing games over the cloud with 10 other people not possible it will just make me disappointed in all the scaremongering twits on the internet that just want to cry over what I didnt think was an issue at all

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@colourful_hippie: erm did you miss dead rising being called exclusive then ? Did you miss twitch rather than ustream ? ( not a plus to me but I know which I watch people on more ) not interested in spark ? I don't think it's a clear cut race at all so far and if playing online and drm that stops game companies being ripped off as they are atm are bad things I say grow up

Going off on a mini rant I've yet to see a single thing that worries or angers me about Xbox drm

Publishers can allow trade ins that will then give them a cut of the sale again? About time and fair

Play connected all the time to allow playing games disc less and from any system ? Great feature

Share your games with 10 friends and family ? Perfect unless you want some broken thing that happened on ps3

Really see little downside to these things I mean the only one is the online check ins and who really doesn't play logged into live at all times ?

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@C0V3RT said:

"The criminally underrated Wind Waker"... more like criminally bad! Amirite???

No your trolling is very wrong

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@Demoskinos said:

I.... was eyeballing the site but eh... way to much effort to get access to a beta I'm not even entirely thrilled to play.

Really? filling in a few bits and ticking some boxes is to much effort? i'm not massivly hyped about this game but taook me 2 mins to fill in hardly a chore is it