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Man, this has been such a tough year on game developers and studios. First 38 Studios, massive layoffs all over other developers and now THQ. Wow, this really sucks. I hope they can reorganize and keep their developers employed.

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Addition to my original post, I would have to add:

Mothman (or mothmen), OwlBears, The Greys (you know, the alien things), the yautja (Predators), Xenomorphs (Aliens from Alien and Aliens and...), Rancor (Star Wars: Jabba's Pet), The Collectors (Mass Effect 2), The Reapers (Mass Effect trilogy), Minotaur, Gorn (Star Trek), Trandoshans (Bossk, the Lizard Bounty Hunter from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back), Geonosians (Star Wars: Attack of the Clones), Scarecrows and Jackolanterns (anything featuring evil, living Scarecrows and Jackolantenrs (Supernatural,The Secret World...) Big Foot,Yeti, Elvis, Sleestack (Land of the Lost (1970's) ), Dover Demon, Flatwoods Monster, Nessie: The Loch Ness Monster, Lizard people, insectoids, ....and a whole bunch of other crap, but I'm too tired to keep going for now. Going to bed but I'll think of more...............oh, The Men in Black (the Real Ones not the Will Smith ones........

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IS there any information yet about MORE MONSTERS COMING to this game. I FREAKING LOVE SKYRIM (I'm 320 hours into it and still rolling), but I'd like some new creatures to kill. I read that Bethsheda is working on bringing in spears and epic mounts and stuff, and even possibly goblins and Giant Mudcrabs. That's fine, but I want MINOTAUR!! I'd also like some other creatures like Kraken (for a level at sea), Manticore, Basilik, Hydra,Chimera, and Gryphons. I know it might be too warcrafteee, but I don't care. I want this game to continue with epic updates and more monsters to kill. The Dragons in this game freaking RULE, but I need new stuff to ghost. I also hope they raise the level cap (for your specs in destruction magic,weapons and additonal spells). I also hope they fix the this game....and also in real life too. But yeah, Skyrim still rules, but I want Minotaur to hunt....or they hunt me...however the game will go.

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Will there be more monsters in this game than just the 25 or so listed on Capcoms website? I'm happy that Chimera,Gryphons and hydra's are in , but I'm hoping for Minotaur,Giant Spiders,Skeletons (an RPG must!), Basilisk, Kraken, and Manticore. This game looks awesome, but I really hope that there will be more monsters than what have been shown.

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Minotaurs and skeletons(undead), Gorn (Star Trek), Trandoshan (Star Wars), Sleestack (1970's Land of the Lost), Manticore,Chimera, and Gryphons...and Dragons.