Wake Up, Giant Bomb!

Not sure if that is a good name for the new Alex and Patrick Morning show, but...I tried. I came up with this quick logo idea for their show as when I saw they needed a name that this idea popped into my head. I wanted to go with a very cheesy kind of morning show feel with the logo, with the bright colors and large fonts. Also wanted to incorporate something that represented Alex and Patrick, So I put in the landmarks of their respective cities, Chicago and Queens. Also the obvious of the bomb being the sun.

Hope you enjoy!


Twice as Bright, Half as Long...

I'm not a good writer by any stretch, so I thought I come up with a quick piece of artwork in honor of Ryan.

I have never felt this sad for someone I have never meet and for someone who never knew I existed. This is what it's like to be apart of this great community. The Giant Bomb crew allow us into their lives on a daily bases and we share in their laughter, their knowledge, and, in this case, their heart aches. How I wish I could have met Ryan, he seemed like a man who laughed, lived and most importantly loved big. I will miss him and this community will miss him. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.

One last time..."Hey everyone, it's Tuesday!"

R.I.P Ryan Davis, Twice as Bright, Half as long.

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