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Drew a Hype poster for Dr. Tracksuit before Royal Rumble last weekend.

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@skelington_: Oh he is definitely coming, as is Matt Rorie and Alex. I just wanted to get those guys out there as they were the ones talking about it on the Bombcast. Stay tuned! Johnny Bravo would be perfect, but I wanted to keep it in the 70s style as I really liked the art of that era. Maybe Variants in the future!

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@stealthraptor: Great Idea! I was trying to think who would fit Drew well. That will be coming in the near future.

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@mento: Haha, yeah...should have noticed! Made the update. Thanks for the feedback!

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@VinceNotVance: Yeah, I use it for just a couple of podcasts. Mostly for car rides back and forth from work.

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@Stubee: I know the difference between listened and not is grayed out or not. If it is grayed out it has not been listened too yet, if it's not then it has been listened to. I know if I am off WiFi it downloads the episode. If you are on WiFi then it streams it. I have gone back to older episodes and didn't have to download them again to listen.

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Google Listen has been serving me pretty well on my Android phone. It's a free app, so it's worth a shot I think.

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