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No, because it's written well, the characters are great, the setup is amazing, and the payoff is worth it.

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God dammit, Game Informer. You always have to kill the mood. User rating on there is a 9.75 though (as of time of posting).

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Just a few I've been using lately.

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@Hunter5024 said:

I still have to beat Labrys, Aigis, and the second half of everyone elses. So all I know so far is Yukikos the worst.

Unless you do her joke ending. Then it's amazing.

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"Rated: TV-14"

That's weird...It used to be listed as TV-MA. Must have figured it didn't need to be that harsh.

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@chrominance: Both Labrys and her shadow are voiced by Cindy Robinson in English.

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Labrys. It made me cry. I really, really did not give a shit about her when I heard she was going to be the new character for the game. I thought, "Oh look, another robot girl. Cause we needed an Aigis clone for the P4 cast." Then I got to her story. Had to put the game down for a while after I finished it.

Naoto's and Aigis' were also good. But those are probably biased, since they are my favorite characters from said games.

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Right now mine is: "Second Semester Devil Summoner"

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I main S. Labrys. I'm not amazing, but I am still learning her. From playing her I can tell you that she's pretty easy to counter. You can't hurt her Shadow/Persona while it's ideal with light attacks, but heavy attack do. If it's attacking, same rules apply as if you were fighting anyone else. It can block, but you can move past it to attack S. Labrys directly, but that can put you into a situation where you get attacked from both sides.

I've run into so many auto-combo spammers it's not even funny. Most of them tend to play Chie, Yu, and Akihiko. If anything, it's annoying.

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Intended to main Naoto, but I still suck at playing her. I'm really, really liking the feel of Shadow Labrys.