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I burned out on rhythm games last year.

Guitar Hero revolutionized the rhythm genre. Guitar Hero II, Guitar Hero III and their spinoffs lived off of and expanded upon the buzz that Guitar Hero created. Rock Band made the logical evolution by adding drums and singing to the mix.

What do we get this year? Toy drum kits with pressure-sensitive pads and cymbal attachments. Oh, and exclusive to Guitar Hero this year, a broken music creation mode that makes use of a broken touch-sensitive area on the guitar controller's neck. After three years of Guitar Hero and Rock Band games, It's not enough to keep me interested, and I am certainly not paying the money and freeing the space required for the new, slightly enhanced toy instruments required to take advantage of the new features.

The rhythm genre is in need of a new revolution. For all the praise that Guitar Hero and Rock Band get for revolutionizing the genre, without the toy instruments, they are no different from Parappa the Rapper or Space Channel 5. We aren't playing music; we're hitting buttons in time with the rhythm and melody. This needs to change, and in a way better implemented than in Wii Music.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band can continue successfully as they are for several years, but from now on they'll be like the Tony Hawk series. There will be a core who buy the games every year, but it will decrease every year and it won't be especially excited about new releases anymore.

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Does this mean that the feud with GameSpot is over?

Or is this feud in addition to that feud?

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I don't think that Microsoft has much choice but to include a Blu-ray Disc drive in the next Xbox.

Both Microsoft and Sony have said that digital distribution is the future, and have hinted that all content on their future game consoles will be distributed digitally, but it won't be feasible in time for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 540. Current Internet connections are neither fast nor reliable enough for people to sit through multi-gigabyte downloads without losing their patience.

In addition, consumers have to get comfortable with the concept of not needing a physical copy of something relatively expensive to own it. Steam and its competitors are niche. For most people, seeing no software in stores means that no software exists.

Microsoft cannot stick with DVD for the next Xbox. Game developers are pushing the limits of how much content can fit on a single DVD-ROM, and sometimes this means excessive data compression, causing long loading times and/or games that don't look or sound as good as they should. The next Xbox is sure to be more powerful than the 360, meaning that games will take up more space than they do now. DVD-ROM will no longer be feasible and downloads or streaming will not yet be feasible, so Microsoft will be forced to include a Blu-ray Disc drive in its next game console. Unless focus groups show that consumers don't mind switching between five discs to play a video game and Microsoft significantly lowers per-disc licensing fees.

And Sony is certain to continue using Blu-ray Disc with the PlayStation 4.

So Blu-ray Discs will be with us for at least several more years.

As for Steve Jobs, while I don't doubt that Blu-ray Disc licensing is "a bag of hurt," be aware that he has ulterior motives. Jobs, CEO of Apple, would prefer that you download your movies from the iTunes Store or through your Apple TV box than buy them on Blu-ray Discs. (And years ago, Apple dragged its feet on adding USB 2.0 to its computers and iPods, probably because it wanted its competing FireWire technology to "win.")

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BioShock: it's like living an Ayn Rand Novel.

And if that sounds too preachy for you, consider Dead Space. It plays like BioShock but doesn't attempt to convince you that it has deeper meaning.

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Has the replies section to this entry turned into an excuse to embed our favorite happy songs?

In that case...


And here's some unknown thrash metal band covering this song:


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Oh no, I am not falling for this again.

The last time I answered this question I blacklisted myself from ever getting a job in a pie factory.