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I am running out of time and won't be able to update this site anymore. There were still tons of things that I wanted to do on here but that won't be possible anymore, for personal reasons. Well, thanks and goodbye Giantbomb.

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O.K, thanks, looks like I have a-lot of deleting to do...

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I recently found out that Magazine Scans are not allowed to be uploaded into Wiki pages, but I was wondering does that mean full page scans or any part of the Magazine? For example, can you upload a screenshot or a concept art of a game from a magazine? How about just the cover?

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Fair enough, I made the character page already though. I guess the character page should be deleted if the rumors are confirmed to be false.

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It seems the uploader is randomly uploading images as blank files. It didn't matter what format the image was, It randomly uploads some images blank. I'm using Firefox/WinXP. Doesn't seem to be working in any browser.

In Google Chrome

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Small Bug maybe: When I go to pages that I edited months ago, the points status on the top of the page are still updating based on the points I have now and not on the ones I had when I last edited it. Also, I blocked my activity feed a while ago so it shouldn't be showing up.

 Edit: Also, it seems the "Most Commented" feature in the images section doesn't work, it's the same as the "Newest Images" section even though some images have comments.
Edit 2: The "All Images" count number isn't right, might need some time to update but I'm reporting it just in case.

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PlasmaBeam44 said:
"I've taken a ton of screens of various PC games I own and I'm attempting to upload them to the game pages. But it uploads about 10 images and then gets to 100% on an image and just stops and it won't continue on to a new image. Any help?
Happened to me before, upload the images before the image that gets stuck, then try to upload that stuck image by itself or upload the rest.
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andy said:
"Dave's right, it had to do with the changes we made earlier today.  I've just deployed a fix for the problem.  Thanks for the quick bug report about this.  Consider the extra points a reward :)"
LOL, thanks a-lot.