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Visions of tears, and then tears.

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I think the best advice I can give anybody that wants to play FFXII is to get the International edition. Between the class system and giving you access to all the gambits from the outset, it really makes things a lot more fun. That and it has probably the hardest optional boss fight not only in the entire series, but probably any game I've ever played (not talking about Yiazmat either). It's really a step up from the vanilla version.

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The Vic Viper T-301!

Coolest fighter ever designed.

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I think this is the part where the giant cane comes out and yanks you offstage.

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I wonder if a big part of people saying it's not as hard is because they're coming into this with a lot of skills from DS1 while DS1 was a fresh experience to them. Really, looking back, there weren't a ton of bosses in DS1 that were really all that tough once you knew what their deal was (I can think of 3, two of which were from the DLC). DS2 has quite a few more, especially when it comes to some of the optional bosses (I feel like Darklurker might be the hardest boss in the series, and that includes Demons Souls). The difficulty does seem to be all over the board though too. Some of the bosses are complete jokes, while others are real nightmares.

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Yeah, I'm another member of the 'Died most to Last Giant' club. I've one shot most other bosses, mostly thanks to having summons for them. Lost Sinner wrecked me even with summons though (I can't even imagine his NG+ version with the 2 red phantoms). Scary thing is, he isn't even the hardest boss I've fought.

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@quid_pro_bono said:

@singingmenstrual: you use the torch in the left hand, and a weapon in the right.

Fighting an enemy or moving an inch in Dark Souls without holding on to your shield? Madness.

I am in fact one of the biggest Dark Souls failures and noobs on the planet so I held on to that shield like there's no tomorrow, but that sounds like futile suicide!

There are a couple good reasons to do this. First, when you have a torch active, you can run around lighting other torches around the area. These stay lit forever, and as a bonus, can also be used to light a fresh torch. In most of the early areas, this isn't a huge deal, but in a couple, it's very useful. In the case of light-adverse monsters, the ones I've fought will run away and eventually just cower as you beat them to death and not fight back. It's also worth noting that most of these monsters are extremely deadly and love to attack you in numbers. A good example are the horrible green things in No-Mans Cove. Even with an Old Knight's Shield, a combo from them would nearly inflict bleed on me, and 2+ at once could be a real problem. Turning the tide and chasing them around with a torch was really gratifying!

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15. Some enemies are afraid of light. If you're fighting something tough that seems to only be found in dark places, bringing a torch can really even the odds.

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Something to consider with Dex builds is that in addition to your swords/spears, you also make a really good archer. Arrows aren't exactly tough to come by, and being able to switch to ranged damage on the fly can make a lot of fights a lot easier.

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How about Mass Effect 2? Sure, you're technically doing the Illusive Man's bidding, but more realistically, Shepard is pretty motivated to stop them from the word 'go', and it honestly feels more like the Illusive Man and Cerberus are just there to support your galaxy-wide heroics/rampage than direct it.