Question about a GB Video

So I'm trying to remember a specific video but the event GB did this escapes me. What video/event did Ryan talk to the SpeedTree guy? Thanks in advance!

Golf Tournament this weekend. Hope I do well!

A lot of friends and church members are getting a golf tournament together and its this Saturday. I'm in a pretty awesome 4-man team for this tournament so hopefully we can win this. I'm about a 9 Handicap and most of the guys playing in the tournament are very very amateur. Along with my brand new Odyssey putter, my team and I should be able to stomp the other teams. That sounds horrible to say, but it must be done...Here's to hopefully winning this tournament!


Can't find the time to play them all!

As it stands, I have about 8 - 10 games that I still need to finish. Somehow I keep getting stuck on games that don't end at all. For example, League of Legends: a free to play game that is the same type of game as the Warcraft 3 mod DotA. Another would be the Starcraft 2 beta. I can't stop playing these games! Yet, I have so many other games that need me to finish them. Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Infamous, Halo 3, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and many more. Why do I keep playing games with no actual conclusion or even achievements when I have a ton of other games that are amazing and can actually end? 
These are the quandries of my life. Any games that you have that you regret not going back and finishing them at this time?

What pages are you proud to be the top editor of?

As it stands, I am the top editor on the Bloodwake and Bimini Run pages. I'm super proud to have those under my belt. Especially the reference on the Bimini Run page I made to the bombcast where Jeff mentions that Bimini Run is the best mission based boating none. Also, I am the top editor on Raid on Bungeling Bay. Such a great achievement in my life :)
So are there any pages that you are proud to be the top editor?

Need an extra friend invite for SC2 beta!

Evidently Blizzard has started recently sending friend beta invites to people that are already in the Starcraft 2 beta. Does anybody happen to have one that they haven't sent to anybody that I could have? I have been trying to get into this beta since it started and so far this is what I have found out...Blizzard hates me and will not invite me into the beta and I am horrible at beta key contests. 
So if anyone out there has an extra friend invite to the Starcraft 2 beta...please, I beg of you, have mercy on me and sent that invite my way. :) Let me know if you are willing to part with your friend invite and I will PM you with my email address. 
Thank you to everyone who reads this!

Anybody have an extra beta invite?

 Evidently Blizzard hates me or something. Starcraft has to be my favorite video game series of all time. Because it is the first game I got REALLY REALLY good at. I was one of the top ranked in North America for a time :)
So my question to all of you is: if somebody has an extra beta invite, could you help out a fanboy?


Help me pick a game to use my gift certificate on

I have a $25 off gift certificate to Nebraska Furniture Mart that expires tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't go to NFM tomorrow because of previously arranged plans or else I would use the gift certificate on Heavy Rain since that looks pretty interesting. So my question is to all of you, what game would you suggest for me to purchase? 
I've been playing Bioshock recently so Bioshock 2 would be an obvious answer. Any other thoughts though?

My Xbox 360 keeps freezing!

So I bought my Xbox 360 Elite back in early 2007 when they first came out. I've had no problems with it until now. The system keeps freezing in whatever it is doing. Whether I'm playing a game, or watching a movie, or even just navigating the dashboard. Unfortunately, I am not getting the RRoD which would give me a HUGE clue as to what is wrong with it. It just keeps freezing and not displaying any error messages and none of the lights around the ring are changing color. I have the 360 well ventilated and evidently that doesn't seem to help. Does anybody have a clue as to what I could do to fix it? Or any thoughts as to what I could do to force it to RRoD so that I can send it in to Microsoft and not pay for the repairs?


COD4: Does it live up to the hype?

I know everyone else has this game already and it came out almost 2 years ago, but I finally just bought COD4. So here is my perspective of COD4 living up to its hype.
First off, every story line in this game has already been ruined for me from listening to pod casts and hearing it from friends. But I will say that despite everything being ruined, the story line was still quite amazing. I've never felt so disheartened in a FPS until the scene of the nuke exploding. Or I've never felt a sense of urgency until you are given a pistol and have time for only one shot in the final mission of that game. So overall, the single player campaign most definitely lives up to all the hype that COD4 has had.

What about the Multiplayer? The multiplayer is addictive! However, because I have come into this game so late, the learning curve is quite steep. But that doesn't mean I haven't done well. I have only had the game two weeks and I'm already lvl 10. I know thats not amazing, but I usually learn very quick with shooters.

So overall I will say that COD4 did live up to all the hype that I heard about it. It really makes me appreciate the recent shooters that have taken ideas from it. Such as Killzone 2. My thanks go to Infinity Ward for making an amazing FPS that will keep me coming back to it for months...or at least until Modern Warfare 2 comes out!

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