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I recently watched the trailer for Enemy Starfighter and got re-excited about space combat sims again. The Freespace games are one of my favorite series of all time. So, needless to say, I want to play a space combat sim again. However, searching the majestic interwebs for a modern space combat sim that is out is proving to be more difficult than I thought.

Obviously, I decided to turn to the GB community as it is filled with extremely knowledgeable people. Does anybody have any suggestions for modern day (read: recently released) space combat simulation games?

I will be indebted to you forever...

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This is truly shocking and depressing news. RIP Ryan. You will be missed! Everyone pour one out for our homie...

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Summoner Name: Dragonia

North American Server

Level 30, Almost 2000 games played. Been playing LoL since the beta

Favorite Champs: Vayne, Kog'Maw, Shen, Jarvan IV, Graves, Nautilus

Notes: If anybody adds me I will play with them. I'm really looking for a 5v5 ranked team if they'll have me. Currently I have all champs and am familiar with all of them as well. My best positions are AD Carry, Top and Jungle.

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If you are playing in the NA Region then I can show you as much as I can. I've played LoL since it was in beta and I have every champ. So I feel that I'm pretty familiar with all things LoL. Just as everyone said above me, there really isn't an easy champ. To me the easiest champ would be Garen. He's fairly inexpensive and he doesn't even use mana. However, pick someone that you like and focus on them. Don't try to play every character that you can. Either way, let me know if you want any coaching or whatever.

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Keep in mind that for the first 4 days after Pulsefire Ezreal is released it is going to be 50% off. So at that time it will be cheaper than the other legendary skins. It will be 1620 RP while typical legendary skins are 1820 RP. However, oh my god...this Pulsefire Ezreal skin is absolutely amazing. Plus, with it you get a new summoner icon and banner. Even if I were to miss the sale, and I won't, I would still pick this skin up for 3250 RP. Keep in mind though with me, I am crazy in love with LoL so that means I have every champ and over 33% of the skins. I've spent a ton of money on this freaking game that I love.

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I'm level 30 and I've been playing this game since beta fairly off and on. If you ever need anybody to play with you can add me. My username is: Dragonia.

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@stinky said:


sell everything you can and don't spend money.

pro-est of pro tips.

This is the easiest and most successful (with least amount of effort) tips out there. I did this and i have about 75k by level 25. Just manage your money and sel EVERYTHING that you don't use.

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My account was hacked on October 31. I was able to access back within about 35 days, but there was about $70 worth of charges on my card through my Xbox Live account. Microsoft said they would refund my money and that it would take 10 days for the refund to process and maybe even up to 30 for it to show on my bank account. If I do not receive my money within 30 days I will be filing a complaint with the BBB. Just a suggestion to anyone thats having trouble, filing a complaint with the BBB will work. Large companies pride themselves on having a good BBB score. Also, if certain size companies get more than 5 unresolved complaints within a fiscal year they are usually booted from being part of the BBB. In short, if you have trouble, file a complaint with the BBB. It will work.

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If I remember correctly Bayonetta was discredited for GotY contention due to it being unplayable on the PS3 by the majority of people. However, Skyrim does have its fair share of issues. I personally did not experience any on the 360 version, but that doesn't mean there aren't issues. My opinion on this matter is that, yes, a game should not count for GotY contention if it has bugs/errors that make the game unplayable for the majority of people on a platform. Therefore, since Skyrim is very playable for the majority, and is enjoyed by the majority as well, my opinion is that it should definitely be considered for GotY. Even though it has bugs in it, the simple rule of the majority out rules the minority has to be accounted for. I really do appreciate the OP's thought process behind this thread. Very thought provoking. :)