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(sorry for bumping oldish thread, but this is the first hit I got when googling)

Had this just happen to me, no achievement at the end of my Insane playthrough. :( But I found a decent work-around, assuming you still have the game running after the credits. There's a "restart mission" option under Load that puts you right before entering the beam. Letting you replay the ending without doing the last mission over.

This probably only works if you don't shut the game off in a fit of rage before. Hopefully it can help someone out there that runs into this as well!

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This is good news, I hope. :)

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@Fahrenheit said:
" I kinda think they will nerf boomsticking  "
It might be in Case Zero as a means to level quickly on later playthroughs (since you get that combo card at the end of your first one, more or less). But it could also just be that 2500PP isn't that much at later levels as well. :)