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I am a long time Nintendo Nerd, but I want to try new games now that I have a steady job/paycheck... only problem is now which model should I buy?

I want to enjoy some games like Kingdom Hearts II as well as newer online games, like Simpsons Arcade. But I heard that some PS3 models are NOT backward compatible with the PS2 games... so I was wondering which model should I try and how much it would cost me.

Any advice?

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@yami4ct: Yeah, but I'm trying to practial... I acciendtialy "flung" my Lucky Coin item in White, so it's lost forever, meaning less Zenny or whatever the currency for Ultraballs, Timerballs, Quickballs, RepeatBalls, and all those other advantage balls. I know people have capture Mewtwo with things less than than a masterball, but still, the likely hood of the outcome of an event is still the same no matter how many times you try it. You can flip a coin, and though the chances are 50/50 be it heads or tails, it can still land on the same side 20 times in a row.

What I am asking is this: If I was to use a Masterball, like my only one that I have and NOT use a cheat to get more, did the Pokemon I used it on be worth it. I mean, I still haven't caught that 3rd Legendary Weather Pokemon yet, who appears when you have the 2 together at the shrine. Is he hard to capture? I pretty much captured ALL the Legendary Birds, Dogs, Latias, and, just under 2 years of playing (most the years on hiatus), Mewtwo.... oh crud,,, just remember the whole Cliff Shrine after the battle Red.... and the whole Ruin of Alph secret...

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@Jack268: So far, NEVER encountered a shiny at all, unless you count the Red Gyarados...

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I just capture Mewtwo in HeartGold with the masterball I got from Elm, as well as the one I had in White on Kyurem. DId I use them right, or do I need to start trading for hopes to get the another one?

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I got two weapon gems from the daily SpotPass that are grey and everything about it has "?" to it. I can't fuse it or convert into a weapon. I can cash it for 5 Hearts, but is that all to it?

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You can still play multi player games with the "DS" games, even Wireless DOnwload Play.

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Just now got the game and I am near the final boss, but I want to do my jobs first and I can't find Pat. Did I miss him? I'm at the part after Gemini's return and 2nd defeat. Did I went too far?

Not that I expect anyone to respond to this, hardly any activity at all on here...

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Can anyone list off the suits for game?

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I am wondering if now that I have a 3DS, can I use it access secured wi-fi connections on old DS games? I keep on running into the "unable to" deal when I make the settings on the games? What do I have to do to get connected?

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Did someone drop a box of them or something?