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I hope they do music, books and food sites but please, have more original names than Booked, Listened and Cooked :)

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Let me guess, you choose Monthly but had a problem in the second page and had to go back? Perhaps having to refresh the page (Chrome?). Had it happen to me but I saw the bug

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The funny thing is, I kinda want the ads because they are generally really really good. 
Remember the Dragon Age one? I was stoked about it

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I want to help them but as an European, I don't want to pay 50 dollars (40 euros) and have yet to pay the t-shirt shippings 
And for fuck sake, with 40 euros I can buy at least 3 great games... I will try a month and then I'm going to see what I think about it. Sorry Giantbomb, I love you a lot but don't make money (sub-18) and the money I have I normally save it.

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So gonna buy it. 
I trust Ace Team as a developer and this trailer sold me completely the game. Still want to see Zeno Clash 2 though

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After all the shit with the PC version of the game, my excitement is 3/10

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Besides the fact that sometimes the Offline mode doesn't work.
But yeah Steam is my platform of choice in PC Gaming, almost every buy I have made this year for my PC was on Steam, it is just a great system and its always improving. But fuck, they have the fucking conversions all wrong, a thing I like better on Impulse is that what I pay in Euros is the conversion from dollars and not the price they choose.

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Vinny your doing it wrong. Though the thumb is alright :)

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It all depends on the games.

And I have to agree, I have a PSP and I am very unhappy with it, it simply doens't do anything interesting (although it has good games) and now I am "dating" a DSi for like 10 games? And those are just the ones I remember the top of my head...

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@Osaladin said:
" September 14th, and at a new school, so that should be fun. "
Coincidently, this.