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@haltiamreptar said:

If you find a cool way to professionally package this when you're done, I will give you money! I'm sure others would be interested as well.

This as well. I'd love this as a coffee table book :)

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SFIV on Xbox. I know it's a great fighting game but I went in as a total noob and that game isn't noob friendly at all, not even the single player part of it.

Tried playing it with some friends on the couch thinking that would be a better experience as none of us were really familiar with it, didn't fix it either.

I pick it up every now and then thinking it will finely click but it never does. I badly want to like that game. I had a blast with MK and I would love to have a similar relationship with SF IV :(

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Ow I'm sorry 
I just love the vid, delete if needed 
*EDIT* tried deleting but keeps popping up on refresh

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Valve, I'm not even angry. I'm being so sincere right now, even though you broke my heart and killed me :'(

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Tried it just now from Belgium, the lag makes it impossible to play (tried Borderlands demo) But when this service is fully functional it would be very cool since in Belgium there isn't a rental market for games anymore

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Mad amounts of respect :o

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Ok I want it now, to get ready for GOWIII

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Let's have a go at it : 


 Also note I  am not from an english speaking country , that should explain why I write  "possession" in the worst kind of ways
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