Skate 3

1st let me say that i've never ever been on a board and only played a bit on Tony Hawk which was over 8 years ago now.  Apart from that, no knowledge at all of skateboarding. 
So can anyone tell me why a 38 year old noob is so looking forward to playing Skate 3 when released this week?.  I tried the demo a few weeks ago and loved it straight away and must have played a couple of hours(although i did find it a bit difficult at start).  I have on purpose not played it since as I want the full experience of the game, rather than the small taste we got in the demo.
I don't have a clue about names of different moves etc and not sure if i'll be pulling off any great moves but I do know i'll love the hell out of this game and hopefully join a few online just to "mess around a bit"
Now if you don't mind, i'm off to buy some new pants (underwear to those in the states) so I can get down with the younger crowd and let my trousers hang down over my arse so everyone can see  them.  Just hope the wife doesn't see as know doubt i'll get that look ( the one in which the eyes get rolled as if to say, "how old are you" )  :o)


FIFA, NHL and NBA 10

Not that long now before the annual EA sports games are out.    

Judging by the FIFA 10 demo, what a game it's going to be.  FIFA 09 was my 1st FIFA game in years and i really think EA did a good job on a footy game.  Playing FIFA 10, something just feels even better when playing it.  Just seems that bit smoother and crisp when playing.  Although the graphics haven't been improved greatly, the animations has certainly improved. 
Although not a good 09 player, i'm looking at improving in this version and i particulary like this look of the the number of moves you can perform (although no doubt take an age to master) 
NHL 10 - With NHL 09 being my favourite game of last year, i have really high hopes for this game.  Although i follow the NHl season, i'm not that clued up on everything ice hockey.  I think extra's in the game are only going to improve on an already great single and multiplayer experience.  I didn't even try the be a pro mode as I was to busy online and in destiny mode.  Now we also have the be a GM mode which looks like expanding the game further.  Not long also before release so will be looking forward to people who get the game soon so i can get some impressions as the game doesn't get released here in the UK until Friday. 
NBA Live 10 - Apart from NFl, basketball is the least played sport i've played on a console.  It's probably been 5-6 years since i bought a basketball game and then it was a 2K game rather than NBA Live.   Playing the demo, i really quite like this years version.  Seems to play pretty well but would like to see how 2K looks/ plays 1st before buying it.  Question to all you in the know about basketball, does it play a pretty realistic game? 
Anyway, EA looks to have up their game again this year with these 3 sports titles (not to mention NFL).   
hope to see a few of you guys online in all or any of these games. 
So, which if any are you going to get/ think about getting?



Just bought this a couple of hours ago and have to say i'm really enjoying it.  Not normally into this type of music but it certainly fits in well with the game.  looks like £4.79 well spent.


Bristol City V Middlesbrough

Very disappointing result yesterday.  After selling 2 of our better players 2 days earlier, it was always going to be a test which we failed.  2 defensive errors allowed Bristol to win the game. We really need a few more players in by the deadline on Tuesday
Bristol City 2 - 1 Middlesbrough


Middlesbrough V's Doncaster Rovers

Another good result for the Boro boys again.  Performance was just ok but the most important thing was the win which was well deserved.  That's 3 wins and a draw so far. 
Middlesbrough (Tuncay, Lita)  2-0 Doncaster Rovers 


Scunthorpe V's Middlesbrough

Bit late I know but just back from a few days in London. 
Definitely a banana skin this but Middlesbrough came through with flying colours.  2 goals from Johnson ( 1 a penalty).  that's 7 points from 9 so far and 2nd in table.  Very early days but so far so good :-)  
Scunthorpe 0-2 Middlesbrough   


Swansea V Middlesbrough

Great result today for us boro fans today.  Goal in 1st half followed by 2 in 2nd half.  Still sounds like we are not playing above 2nd gear which is encouraging.   lets hope we carry it on with the next game on Tuesday night.
Swansea City 0-3 Middlesbrough (Jonson, Enmes and Tuncay) 
So how did your team get on today?


F**k you microsoft, you hear that?

After I had the RROD the 3rd time, i sent my 360 off for repair which I received back 2 weeks ago. 
45 mins ago, turned on the 360 and YET AGAIN, RROD.  Switched it back on and seemed ok until the screen froze just like the last time it.  
To say i'm a bit pissed is an understatement.  360 is a great machine when working but really microsoft, this is a complete joke!!!!



ok, I heard a lot of positive things about this film but because it was only initially on limited release here in the UK, it looked like it wasn't going to be released in a cinema near me.  Anyway, it's on for a week so decided to go last night and what a fantastic film it is.  Well worth going to see.   
Apparently it was all made in 33 days with a budget of $5 million.  It was also the directors 1st major film so hopefully more good films in the future (director is Duncan Jones who happens also to be David Bowie's son) 
If you haven't been then you really should go and see it.  With all the big budget Hollywood crap out this summer, this is a million times more impressive than them.  In fact, i'm going to watch it again tonight with a friend who hasn't seen it.

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