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@iAmJohn: Mechanical "clicky" keyboards are really different to the normal membrane keyboards. See if you can try one out if you are ever looking for a keyboard again. RAT 7's looked a bit heavy to me, even if I ever believed that it was intended for human hands :)

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@Rolyatkcinmai: Fair enough :)

@Binman88: It's listed as Portal 2 DLC in Steam. Check the "pack of ten levels" link.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: That's a stretch if it's not possible to complete the maps without the controller. You could probably get it through court, but I'd expect (especially since they are selling the hardware through Steam) that they have an explicit agreement with Valve anyway.

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@Rolyatkcinmai: Aren't they breaking the mod terms by effectively selling these maps though? They would have to have official sign off to do this, which does make these kinda-sorta official DLC.

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@FissionXuiptz: To be fair to Steam, its only Modern Warfare (both Blops, and 2???) that gets *that* bad. FEAR 3 and Dirt 3 are (pre)selling for $50 still, for example. But Duke Nukem is $80, and The Witcher 2 is $75. :(

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@iAmJohn: Stick to the input devices. Razer's Black Widow mechanical keyboard is the best keyboard I've ever used, and I've used quite a few. (Just make sure not to waste your money on the 'Ultimate' - backlighting is not worth $40). It's cheaper than any other mechanical keyboard I've seen, and has even better feel than the Das Keyboard, though I'd love to get my fingers on an IBM Model M or equivalent for comparison. Also I like the weightlessness of their mice - most of the other high DPI mice are too heavy for me.

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Well at least here in New Zealand they are tracking the US dollar accurately, since our dollar went from USD ~0.65 to ~0.90 games on Steam here are USD 90 rather than the old 50 or 60. Wait, that's not good at all, dammit.

Love the writing in this article, BTW :)

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@mutha3: Yeah, I completely agree: I was just saying even if it only really requires that you are not blind, you are still "analyzing, interpreting and acting upon facial cues".

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@mutha3: Hey, it's not hard, but you are still doing it :)