Games that made me who I am today...

Just a select few of my all time favourite games up to and including the present day

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Posted by Astras
  • Awesome list, have played all of these...
  • I forgot about Alex Kid in Miracle world on the Mastersystem as a default game... was IMMENSE lol I think I got the the final castle and got stuck on something that seemed impossible to me.
  • Yea sonic. up down left right a start... if I remember :P
  • Transport tycoon, I loved it but always overextended myself and ran into problems late game, keeping everything maintained.
  • Tomb raider.. the last area is WTF this is harsh.. but awesome when i finally managed to beat it!
  • Only had theme park on the snes.. so had the cushion of building a Teddybear shop at the front with full price.. and the customers couldn't resist :P
  • Origional metal gear solid.. as soon as phsico mantis told me I like playing Vandal Hearts.. I was like how the fck he know that.. for about an hour.. until I realised that he must of seen the saved file on my memory card.
overall very nice list!