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I like what they did in the game...I fault their misuse of the engine. This game didn't need unreal to run it, but it was a great expirement. The story is nice and the gameplay is new and fresh. I'd give it * * * * stars for being something new.

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FYI OP:  The game runs very well when you load it on the HDD.  Very little slowdown(infrequently  late in the game because of increased action/charaters onscreen), and the texture pop-in is quicker.  Load screens are very fast as well.  It's a shame it has to be DL'd but at least it does really help w/the tech issues...and not just a little.  Play it on a HDTV, as well, the text is too small on SD tv's I hear.  The game looks so awesome, they really took advantage of the URE's use of textures, even though I agree they didn't fully sort it out completely.  The detail in the creature designs is just stunning...just examine the textures on the dragon bosses, and the minute details in the landworms as examples...weapons also have awesome detail. 

As far as the story it's very mediocre im.  The star of this game is the battle system and the awesome abilities(weapon arts, mystic synergies, psionic combines etc.)that you can master in the game, and the challenge of the bosses, DLC bosses especially which are free among the three DLC packages that are already available.  Very fun game overall, with some bizarre design choices littered throughout(no hands-on customization of yur units for example), and a little too much left to chance in terms of battle outcome, and union orders appearing when needed.  It was underrated nonetheless, it should rate around 7.5 -8.0 imo.

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I would have given the game a higher review, due to my aboslute love of the game. However, looking at it critically there are certain issues that diminish the games overall quality. Have not tried it on a standard def tv so cannot confirm that problem. Do you reckon it is like the Banjo Nuts and Bolts problem with text?

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Other than some very strange unit ordering problems (no healing options when needed, etc.), I really enjoy the heck out of this game.  She isn't the prettiest gal, but she's a whole hell of a lot of fun.

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I read the first sentence! Then got bored and left to play lost odyssey.

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I like lost odyssey, but didn't love it. It has a higher polish than last remnant in some respects. But just didn't like that game. Kaim and Gongora pissed me off and it filled abit too basic and old school for me to appreciate fully.

P.S Wish I could download last remnant to HDD but my fable 2 disc is acting up so it is the only way I can play that game without it jamming every 5 mins. Sounds like it resolves most of my issues with the game.  

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simonsays said:
"Have not tried it on a standard def tv so cannot confirm that problem. Do you reckon it is like the Banjo Nuts and Bolts problem with text?"
I play it on an SD TV and it does have tiny text. However, the font is a lot better than the one in Banjo, so it's easier to make out words (generally) if you squint.
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Ouch, that is still pretty bad hope they patch it soon.