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I can no longer watch older content that has Ryan in it, it is just too upsetting and distracting.

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@kidavenger said:

I'd wait until after the sale is over, they are probably overwhelmed right now and their online library system is probably falling apart with all the user activity.

Yeah maybe, the copy of BF3 I got in my humble bundle I gave away to my brother before I even checked my own account so it is kind of annoying as we were going to play together.

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So like everyone else I just bought the humble bundle which is what turned out to be the catalyst for this sorry tale of mine.

Now I hadn't used my origin account in like a year prior to this week and the only game my Origin account had was a copy of BF3 which I had played a little bit on (like 10 hours tops). Anyway I log on and it is just not there in the "my games" list.

I tried to contact support but they are about as helpful as a ashtray on a motorbike, so does anyone know if I have any options available? Or am I just boned?

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@slaegar: Sorry for the late reply, now it's at 30 degrees idle, but that is my completely new CPU.

My old one which I bought a new CPU fan for is at 40ish idle, so it's all good.

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It is impossible to make me angry, I don't know why, how or if that is a good thing (it probably isn't) but that's the way it is.

Everybody has a breaking point even the nicest of people. It just takes something that can really set you off.

I didn't mean to imply that I am a nice person, I am a jerk actually. However I just cannot get angry, I probably do have a breaking point but it has to be so extreme that it probably will never happen.

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It is impossible to make me angry, I don't know why, how or if that is a good thing (it probably isn't) but that's the way it is.

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Chelsea will probably win as much as it annoys me, United will do poorly as Fergie is irreplaceable and Moyes is not exactly the highest tier of manager.

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Alright I got my new parts, and I think I went a bit overboard but oh well it works now.

Got a new fan as well and gave my old computer to my 11 year old brother, he was pretty stoked about it.

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Oh yeah I probably didn't word it fantastically but believe me I know everything about depression, it is more an observation of how weird the human mind is.

The person that has everything is depressed whilst the person that has nothing is happy, it doesn't make much sense.

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So I was at my job today chilling out in the break room as there wasn't much to do really with 2 other co-workers, and I was listening in on their conversation and it left me fascinated.

One of them started talking about how he suffered from depression for a long time because his dad kept setting unrealistic expectations for him which he inevitably failed which then made him feel worthless and keeps complaining about random insignificant shit. and this other dude who is an immigrant from Afghanistan (we are in Norway for the record) listens to him and sympathizes and actually says he is glad he never had to go through what he did.

Now I know for a fact this immigrant dude has had a hard life to put it mildly, his dad was killed when he was 7 right in front of him, he was then forced to work like a dog for pennies to put food on the table for the family. Then the war on Taliban started and he had to flee the country, eventually crawling across the border through mud at the age of 12. He then eventually ended up in Norway without friends, family and any language skills or education. Where he then somehow crawled himself up to being accepted into one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country.

So how can a guy that was pretty much handed a good life on a silver platter be depressed compared to a guy that started with very little and the little he had got taken away from him?

I just don't understand.