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Sounds like yet another breakthrough from lionhead... milo anyone...

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Glade to see some support guys! Going to see what GoranP is doing. If it makes sense for me to do my own or if he lets me and some of you guys in then by all means rejoice in the flavors of language. I am not sure what the best number of guys/girls/hermaphrodites is but we can figure this out together. If you don't have a mic then get one I will install Skype again and talk, interview. discus. and test out what the Community  Cast will be.  
Post Script: If you have any suggestion for names add it to your comment's Please have it invoke Giant Bomb community and or Gaming in general. 
Edit: My Skype name is ludmonkey or Josh Inman

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So I am going to call to arms some of the members Giant Bomb to help me or have me help make a Community Cast, by this I mean a general gaming podcast with a focus on the community. This can include showcasing cool stuff the community and specific members are doing as well as community events. If you have a brain... and a mic... and a computer... then you are more then welcome join me as host. I will try my best to get this going. Just say if you are interested in being a host, guest, or supporter and then comment. If you have a Skype user name or account send me a friend request to Ludmonkey or Josh Inman. Hope you guys like this idea and enough of you want to make this happen that I can start recording the Cast. -Simply Post Script I don't like the term podcast

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 Not really sure what to say but I am interested in making a podcast soo yeah... Well I like the Bombcast community and was thinking that it would be could if i could find some cool people to talk to. I might be able to host it on my site if not then I will just use a free hosting place. I found a good enough recording program for skype and I can at least edit the recordings well enough so that it is bearable. If you can record great! I just want to get my opinion out there and don't care if this is a community podcast for giant bomb or any named podcast. Neither do I necessarily need to be the host.  If you think you would like to join my little ram-shack of an idea then just PM me back and hopefully we will have enough to at least do a test recording. I am just starting this Idea today so if you have more time spent thinking of doing a podcast or skill with audio then maybe you should be the host and or recorder/editor... 
Anyways hope this is not just a random PM that you ignore for being dumb/crazy/weird 
Edit: For my Blog If you read this and think it is cool answer by PM too

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@Dr_Feelgood38:@Claude: Thanks for reading guys. Comment noted and much appreciated. I love classical art or at least the good ones ehehehhehehe. Anyway yeah some people can find the art in games some can't but that is one of the aspects of art right? Oh and Just Cause 2 is similar to some games in that you can get to a point where you need to play some other game or just stop. To that I say if money is not an object(that is rhetorical, I mean of course it is but whatever) then buy games for the experience and variety as well as your way of voting for the type of games that you want to be developed. If those games are ones that include mostly Epic story telling and set pieces so be it; You might like just action OK; or you might just like fun in whatever package it comes in. 
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Um do you guys think if i made a gif of the bomb and added it to the suggestion page that they would add it. If so i can do it when my computer if fixed

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Dang it thought that it would be bug man...

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@kagekage said:
" WTF IS NUMBER FOUR?!?!? I HONESTLY DON'T GET IT..... HINTS???  NVM, just got it... God 2 and 4 was a BITCH. BTW, if you wanna get 4, you'll have to be kool and bold. :) (yes, kool is spelled like that on purpose hint hint.) "
nice hint
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Dang you #2 you are common in D&D games dang though it has been a while since I have played D&D ahahhahahahah

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Well For some reason I am writing another blog post even though I have no reason to do so oh well. Hmm I seem to have a weird personality and voice in these posts that might put people off. So games... My computer's replacement motherboard should arrive tomorrow so I will soon be able to play some of the awesome games that have come out since it's initial problems. Just Cause 2 will be the first game I install but I might play some other games as well. I can't wait to jump off of the Mile High Club blimp thing. I think that Just Cause 2 shows a good trend in video games. This trend shows that we are about to start to approach the barrier where games begin to start to just be about creating a fun experience. Then we will start to see better story's all because of the the technology reaching an acceptable limit. Interesting that we have yet to reach this point yet but we have the technology to produce unrealistic games that are totally awesome. Think of games like mario while creepy weird they are fun. Looking towards the future with optimism I hope that by the time that I join the video game industry games have reached at least a equilibrium of technology and design. By the way why is it that some people think that video games are not art. If you can accept that movies and plays are art then you must also agree that video games are art. Meh I guess I will write another post some other time.

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