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Alex mentioned liking it...If you mean me though, i thought the story was charming and the gameplay was obnoxious, so there ya go.

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So i've seen all four movies and i only just watched the first three movies last night after i got back from the theater for Fury Road. That said, i think Fury Road is the best of the four, Road Warrior in second, Beyond Thunderdome, despite being kinda goofy in spots, third and the original Mad Max would come in last only because it just felt like it was from a different series, compared to what i grew up to know, "Mad Max" to be.

The movies are not really chronological (except the original is obviously the origin story) so you don't need to watch any of them in order but once you see Fury Road i think you'll appreciate watching them as i did going back to the original and then the rest.

...also Fury Road is fucking amazing; holy shit.

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I dunno, the finger pointing and arguing is the fun part for me (I've played The Resistance but not Avalon). I'll keep an eye on this one.

I wouldn't worry about deleting the thread, just try to open the conversation to "games like Avalon"

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@hayt said:

Good on them but the reason gog is good is that it is clientless.

Don't agree with this at all, the fact that it was client-less is why GOG is the place i buy games that i never end up playing and why i have multiple installers downloaded across multiple hard drives. Also their Downloader felt like a shoe horned half-assed attempt at convenience.

So far, the Client does what i want it to do. I prefer the list view in the library and wish they would show all the games on the one page; There are some grayed out features so the "view all" may take care of that when it works. Still want a bandwidth limiter (the Downloader had one so i'd imagine it'll be added). Overall, it's simple but functional which is good enough for what i want it for. Unless they're going to work towards making old games compatible with their multiplayer network system it's not something you would need but makes things much more convenient.

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I declare APril 29th, "Brad Hair Day" where we unite and Dapper Dan our mops straight back.

...though, i think a tight-ass pony nub would have completed his look.

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@thatpinguino: I was more attached to the fourth paragraph, who you were in relation to other people, as i read it there (back then and not now, mind you), was somebody trying too hard ( as the word, "should" will always direct me to believe) It's that angle that, at least i believe, will push people away regardless of the, "thing" you're trying to prove, be it games, music, literature,ect .

So yes, we should all get over ourselves and, "the hobby" isn't really relevant to that notion.

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Ah, the good ol' days of the identity crisis. I've always defined "nerds" as those who were arrogant in their capacity for knowledge, regardless of how trivial. "Jocks" were arrogant in regards to their physical prowess; both are shitheads. It's the arrogance that attaches to our social posture which makes us shitheads and that never dies, it just recycles with each generation.

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Developers definitely have the right to control their content, true, but consumers deserve full communication on what will initiate a ban. The EULA and the TOS can be written vaguely enough to ban anyone for anything. I think for this system to work you would need a specific outline of what would go into getting you banned, how the system would work, before you make a purchase, and clear indication of how close you are to getting banned if you've bought the game.

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Backed it and forgot about it, i know I've watched some of the documentaries and i assume they were related to the Broken Age production but, nah, haven't really paid any attention to it.

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For those looking for pinball tables within their area, you may find helpful. They also have a mobile app: