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@bonorbitz: that's kind of a bummer, i didn't even realize that Jedi Knight wasn't on GOG. Though it may be worth it once their online network is up and running, wish we could hear more about that. I never got a chance to play Jedi Knight multiplayer and it looked like some dumb fun. I feel like as long as these releases are successful for Disney we'll probably get the rest of the games somewhere down the line.

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@hone_mcbone: Dunno if Tie Fighter is coming to Steam, i'd imagine Disney will do another video game dump at some point which may include it but it seems clear that Valve doesn't really care about their old game releases and some games lack cut scenes and things of that nature so i wouldn't buy old games from them.

I hear ya about trying to keep up with GOG though, their lack of a client makes updating and organizing the games more inconvenient than it needs to be, still no word on GOG Galaxy which is suppose to help with that problem.

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@bonorbitz: Yeah, i feel i've been more excited about these releases than i have been about a lot of new games recently which is pretty sad. I never played Full Throttle or Day of the Tentacle so those will be new for me but i was a huge fan of Maniac Mansion on the NES.

Hopefully GOG will get their Galaxy network up and running so i can play XvT multiplayer, that's another thing from them i'm looking forward to as Steam just doesn't do a good job of supporting the older games.

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@bonorbitz: Dunno that GOG really cares about the marketing manipulation that goes one with timing their releases, but then again, that's kind of what they are doing right now so who knows. Their marketing angle seems to be trying to convince you that they're your best buddy, looking out for your best interest.

Either way, i think it's in their interest to pull interest away from Steam (who is also releasing Grim on the same day) so it's a better story overall for GOG to have Grim PLUS these other Tim Shafer/LucasArts classics to pull interest towards their site while people are high on that conversation.

Never played Secret Weapons Over Normandy, but a ww2 arcade'y flight sim made by the Tie Fighter people sounds like a good time so hopefully i'll get the chance to check that out.

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As far as Star wars games i feel like SW Episode 1 Racer was fairly well received (gameboy version was pretty great) and i remember there was the Rogue Squadron-like, Battle For Naboo which i dunno if it was bad or just tainted by the Episode 1 hate. Outside of that i can only think of console and arcade versions which would be impressive if GOG could sell emulations of.

i think the 27th will be a LucasArts Adventure blow out with the release of Grim Fandango. I suspect we will see, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle which would only leave one left to wrap up GOG's, "20+" LucasArts/Disney deals (Loom, the Dig?) I'm hoping the, "plus" equates to even more deals as i'd like to see Outlaws come to GOG.

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@edeo: I've given up the dream of diversity at Giant Bomb a long time ago, I'm hoping Vinny will fill that void when he gets up and running, since he's the one who will branch out and look at bizarre games that show up on Steam. Outside of that, if you want real coverage about a diverse selection of gaming then GB is, unfortunately, not the place for it.

I went back to listen to Dan/Jason's old stuff with Game Informer and now i like those guys too. I would really like a Replay equivalent to come to Giant Bomb as Encyclopedia Bombastica just ain't cuttin the mustard.

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@svenzon: Alliance was pretty great, what i played of it. Never got a chance to finish it back i the day so i'm gonna fix that with the GOG version. The gameplay is what you'd expect from the Xwing/Tie Fighter series (which is a good foundation) and the story involves you being a regular joe who helps the rebels and winds up fighting for the alliance. The main addition to the game is you'll be able to fly corellian transport ships which have automated turrets that you can switch to and manually fire.

As far as running Xwing/Tie Fighter games today, the software doesn't play nice with the 360 controller. There's an issue with the deadzone and you'll need modifiers to bind all the keys you'll need so you'll need some third party software running in the background. @kevin_cognetowrote a piece that's worth reading if you want to go that route. (forum link)

You could also get by by checking out Voiceattack and using voice commands for the more complex controls needed for system management and targeting.

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@cloudymusic: I wonder if they'll get GOG Galaxy integration at some point. I had expected GOG to hold onto X-wing Alliance and XvT until the full unavailing of their Galaxy system. As is, there's just a link to a dead website. Dunno if the local networking stuff works, but Alliance is good for single player, can't say how good Balance of Power is though.

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@artisanbreads: yeah, i remember being real bummed out when i got X-wing Vs Tie Fighter originally. Even bought the expansion but didn't bother playing it.

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@fustigate: Was looking at Galactic Battlegrounds, GOG reviewer said it was Age of Empires but with Star Wars, which sounds good to me.

@kaiserreich: I wonder how they handle console releases, or if they can. Come to think of it, i wouldn't mind picking up Rogue Squadron. There was a PC release of the first one but all the rest were console only, if i remember right.

@brandondryrock: oh wow, i didn't know that was a Lucas Arts game.