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I'll have to say a few things just because your review caught my interest.  First of all, I haven't played more than the demo so take this with a grain of salt (after all, you'd think reviews are for people who haven't played it yet and not just for people to reply how they agree with you).

I've had an interest in the game since it's announcement (ranging from "EA catching on to the parkour craze with a tattooed girl, EDGY!  Game's still gonna suck though" to "Nice, I need me another truly first person adventure like Breakdown (which I really liked)... ) but since I see this as a game that'll get it's replay value from speed runs, I'll keep it at a rental.

I'll say the impressions your review left me with and feel free to correct me or yourself in the process.

1) Please God no more “I know where to go but have no idea how the fuck I get there” moments.
Having runner vision on everything seems a bit cheat-ish to me, but as long as it can be turned on/off,  I don't see why not.  (I didn't like the Fable2 light path because it's essentially like playing the game with Gamefaqs opened up in your browser)

2) Make Faith tougher or the guards less tough or take out combat all together. There are moments in Mirror’s Edge where you’re like “shit, guards, shit I don’t know where to go, shit if I punch them they’ll kill me, shit if I run past them they’ll kill me, shit… SHIT” and your face will go purple and explode.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, because they might have exaggerated her frailty but I was under the impression that's exactly what they were going for and get the impression from your comment that they pulled off exactly what they wanted.  I'm all about giving people more options, but not at the cost of the game's integrity (IE: this ain't a shooting game, even if they'll allow you to).  As for 'toughness' of Faith, I guess different difficulty settings aren't unreasonable to ask for.  (Are there any?  Forget if there was in the demo)

3) The graphics could be more simplistic. The solution? Don’t have textures at all. Am I the only one that thought Mirror’s Edge would look much better if every element of scenery looking like a shiney piece of rubber. The shape of the objects would remain unchanged… I just think it would stand out even more if it went for an entirely minimalistic look. 

Fair point about the upclose textures, but multi-texturing would be a better solution than no textures at all.  I mean, I'm a rubber fetishist too, but I don't believe it belongs on EVERYTHING... :P

As for your last 3 points, it seems to me more like a wishlist than actual reasons a game would get points knocked down for...

My 2 cents