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And here I thought GB had such a nice community.


Thanks for those fighting the good fight, however.

*edit* I should not be adding my name here. Damnit, thought I was answering an email.

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To be honest, I thought that the OP was the one who made the picture because why else would you post it.
Plus, I assume people have dignity now a days. Maybe that was my mistake.
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@Icemael:@gakon5 said:

I think I assumed Singleslayer was refuting the poster linked to, not Geno himself. I didn't think anyone would take the OP's post seriously. 

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As I catigorically deny your post I want to let you know to please pay attention in english class. Despite what your friends and the 'interets' make you believe, if you don't check your spelling and grammar you will work at Stop and Shop and won't be able afford those console games with 'moar graphics'. 
First off, it seems your PC screenshot it from Deus Ex; which for your ignorant self is like comparing Fallout to Halo. Yeah, they are both first person shooters on the surface, but Master Chief's inventory and skills are only being bad ass. So as far as  'nerdy shit' goes, it pretty much needs to be there. Thanks for doing your homework on the screenshot, by the way.
Secondly, comparing a game from the late 90's to early 2000's to a game like Battlefield is like comparing a pencil to a computer. They are not even in the same league as each other anymore. 
Finally, have you seen Crysis 2 on a PC? No? Did you see the QL by Giant Bomb? Not even that? Well, then you don't know what good graphics are; thanks for playing!
In reality you're probably just a troll and this was a waste of my time, but such is life.

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@Glak said:

" I just stick it on my shelf, I'm sort of a pack rat Even if the game sucked I'll still keep it lol, i enjoy collecting anything "
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Hey, as long as it's not country or metal/screamo I'll give it a fair chance.
That being said, Nickelback is very 'meh' and Ga Ga is a brilliant musician, though sadly she applied to her talents to the more contemporary aspect of music. That is the biggest shame.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" Not anymore.  Too much school work. "
I second that, college is kinda really time consuming.
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The online gamer who calls me a noob. Just because I'm new with one char in an RPG does not mean I'm a noob. 
Correction: The world noob needs to be burned from humanity.

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@Akeldama:  Golden.
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Totally agree. Stephen Colbert is America.