175k mini goal met.

With picking the right games, ignoring other hobbies, and a bit of determination I completed my marathon long before the end of May deadline. I didn't totally neglect some stuff as certain things have to get done. I also took the time to watch a couple movies this past weekend. I'm not real sure if I could do a total 100% dedication to gaming anymore.

Anyway, I didn't have to use all eight games that I listed. I did play a game that wasn't on the list because I noticed that I had missed some easy points on Madden 13. That didn't take long and I had already did a season when I played it so I just snuck it in real quick. This is the order in which I played and the points I got and the points I had thought I could get.

Stranglehold: estimated points 505, actual 510. Nothing really special about the game nor the achievements. There was a couple annoying bits in the game but overall it was playable.

Duke Nukem Forever: estimated points 865, actual 805. Everyone knows the condition that DNF shipped in but after a few patches its not a bad game. There are a lot of worse FPS games you could play that have even worse achievements. Lots of good ideas but just not executed very well.

Family Guy Multiverse: estimated points 600, actual 545. Yes, at $60 this game isn't worth it at all. At $20, it is. Especially if you have a coop. I found the game to be fun to play but I wish the achievements were better. So far the best game I played.

Lego Batman: estimated points 430, actual 710. I just can't stand lego games so I blasted thru this as fast as possible and it was nice that I got so many points for it. Man the AI was worthless in this game.

Madden 13: actual 195. I just happened to notice that I didn't get the only few easy achievements for this game. Only took about 30 minutes and it was a nice break from the shooters. And I hope EA stays away from such a horrid achievement list in the future.

Prey: estimated points 685, actual 685. The game has aged well and the gameplay is still fun. Its nice that there was only three achievements I had to actively get.

Injustice: estimated points 330, actual 420. All I could think about when the story started was that the Joker was a moron. Everyone knows a nuke is more effective at high elevation, duh. Anyway, that was a long story mode which is nice but I thought playing Batman three times was two times too many. I thought Aquaman was a really solid fighter. I lost once as Wonder Woman and the last two fights as Super Man took a couple tries. I mean hell the AI pretty much gave me no chance the first time I fought Doomsday and evil Super Man.

So six completed games in two weeks. I think thats pretty dang good. That was 25k points from June 24, 2012 to May 13, 2013. Not as fast as the previous block but I had weeks of vacation last year. I've also gotten back into anime which is starting to eat up a lot of free time. Heck, I can't wait to start a new anime series tonight.

When I hit 100k, I never thought I would get to 200k and now that appears to be well within reach. I'll estimate that I'll get there in 12-18 months. I have plenty of games already and I hope that there will be new games still coming out this time next year. So the goal now is the big one, a milestone.

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