2013 - 1st quarter.

With the end of the first quarter of 2013, lets see how the stats are adding up so far.

Completed: 15

Done: 0

Compared to last year's first quarter which was 8, I've gotten off to a big start this year. No shock that I didn't quit on any game thou I think I was thinking about it on one or two games.

3rd PS: 1

Action: 3

Flight: 1

FPS: 5

RPG: 1

Side Scroller: 1

Sports: 1

Strategy: 1

Tower Defense: 1

As usual, FPS has the most but otherwise I think its a healthy mix.

Backlog: 55

That has gone up recently with all the great releases and with my free time being shared with anime. I have stopped really caring when new stuff comes out as I simply got too much to play to really care. Now, I do care that stuff still comes out and if the rumors can be true we should have new stuff even after the next Xbox comes out.

The Wii pretty much got replaced by the anime but as always there is plenty of time.

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