Random stuff.

I'm still hitting up the anime and did watch the first episode of Zegapain. It seemed to have enough to keep me interested to watch the next episode. I don't think it'll be awesome but it don't have to be. It has 26 episodes so thats quite a chunk of viewing time.

I also been keeping an eye out for good movies and happened to watch two this past weekend. The first one was The Sky Crawlers which had awesome aerial combat but its a real shame that the movie didn't focus on that. If you are able to pay attention thru some long scenes that can be uneventful, there is some nice plot twists that finally show up near the end of the movie. The movie never really explains a lot of the background but the whole point is just the main character. I personally found the Basset Hound to be the best character because it was funny, sad, happy, ect. So yeah, I wonder if this director has made a movie based on the aerial combat.  The other movie was Roujin Z which came out in 1991. The animation has aged pretty well and I like that old style. I expected it to have a bit more fan service but overall it was an alright movie. I got a bunch of movies still to watch so I might save those for weekends and do a series during the week. Nice to have options. Switching over to video games.  I've said this before and I will say it again that I won't be getting the next Xbox for at least two years after it comes out. I have too much invested in hardware and my backlog of games continues to stay around the 50 mark. In the past I've gone thru the catalog and picked up some older/lesser known games but I'm staying away from the generally thought of as 'just good enough to play'. After I get thru all those games, I'll be ready for the next Xbox.  In regards to the rumors of the next Xbox requiring internet access to do anything seems a bit much to me. Maybe if Sony was doing it then I could see them doing it as well. I know publishers would love it because buying used is the same as piracy to them. Oh blah blah you sheep. Its the same thing. Piracy is the act of getting a game and not paying the dev/pub which is the same as buy a used game. There is no argument around it. Fact is where does your money go when you buy new, it goes to the dev/pub and some other places. Buying used goes to the store that sold it and thats it.  I played NCAA Football 12 this past weekend and wow that game is bad. EA can't even get the basics right anymore like lining up the QB behind the Center. 9/10 times the QB is too far over to the left. I powered thru a season and just hate all the time it takes to do that side crap like stories or such. You should be able to turn that off. I then did two of the Heisman things which weren't bad. I think the last time that a football game from EA was any good was 2008. They have lost focus on the actual game play so badly.
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