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@ministry4390: Overreact much?

His comment was an observation and there was nothing wrong with it.

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I'm actually excited to play it on the Xbox 360.

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Looks like the same type of power plug that my laptop uses. Wish I could trade in one of my phats for a E.

Oh well, going to keep on rocking my phat that I been using for three years.

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I must say that I don't like the way MS is thinking. Is this the price we are paying for the piracy on the 360? I'm sure they could always change this with a update later on so I do hope that they really breakdown the stats and see whats best for everyone.

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So this site gives the Starcraft 2 exp a 5 star, Simcity a 3 star, and this game as well a 3 star. Wow. Where to begin with this mess?

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I decided that I will do a week of anime movies instead of starting a new series. No real big reason why but it don't hurt to mix it up a bit. I have gotten together what I think is a nice selection and while I couldn't tell you what genres they all fit in, I just made sure they were highly rated by people or won an award. I have no order in which to watch them and yes I will watch them in English dub. Sorry, I'm already reading a book and don't want to read a damn movie. I will be keeping tabs on my thoughts about each movie and when I've watched them all, I will post a new blog.

Anyway, the plan is to watch one movie a night but I think some are pretty short so if I do pick a short one and its still not too late I might start up another shorty. Any that are left will be watched this weekend. I will be starting with Summer Wars as it turned out to be the most difficult to get and I not sure why I kept going after it so lets hope it was worth it!

Here is the list in no order:

5 Centimeters Per Second

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Howl's Moving Castle

Porco Rosso


Spirited Away

Summer Wars

Sword of the Stranger

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Some might not be aware but there was a retail release of Angry Birds on the Xbox 360. It includes the classic or what I think as the first release, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons up to Mooncake Festivial. I'm not sure of the total amount of levels offered including the bonus and those golden egg levels as well. I've been playing it off and on since December and have Classic and Seasons done. If I recall, thats about 550 levels. While I do find the game fun, I think its the achievements that keep me coming back. For each episode you complete you get 15 points which isn't much but its enough for me. Some of the episodes were pretty short at 15-18 levels but then some were very long at 45. I'm pretty sure that I seen that the Rio episodes are at 30 levels each. There are other achievements that pop up randomly but I feel like its an accomplishment to beat every level and get some points to add to my cake. Haha

I'm currently playing Risen 2 on the Xbox 360 and yes its ugly and runs poorly. Yes there are annoying issues with the game play and sound. But, I'm having more fun then I did with The Witcher 2. The story is good and the dialog is funny and interesting. The roaming around is enjoyable and even more so when you can pick locks. I really enjoy the ability to fast travel and go back to locations later on. I'm doing a lot of side quests so I'll be playing the game for at least another 4-7 days I think. The achievements are pretty standard and not overall easy or too hard.

I seen some info about a lot of great games coming out by April. This might be the last time we see so many high quality titles come out for the Xbox 360 as I think nearly everyone predicts the next Xbox will come out this fall. It be great if dev's do a new and old Xbox version for a year so I can pad my backlog a bit more before having to start allowing lesser quality games from years ago. My back log currently stands around 50 and there are some high quality games on that list. Quite excited about that.

Been watching the anime Death Note the past couple weeks. The pacing is pretty good and the story is interesting. I like the characters as well. I can't exaclty recall what episode I'm on but I think I'm around 12ish. I was watching a couple episodes a night but then got caught up playing Xbox. I plan on watching a few this weekend but don't have a great need to rush thru it.

Quick thoughts:

1) Nothing like coming home to a couple pounds of perfectly cooked beef roast sitting in the slow cooker.

2) Still no snow shower above an inch. Snow blower is very sad.

3) Going to be tough to do that one Wii game a month for January.

4) I have about 5% interest in the Super Bowl and probably will watch the Puppy Bowl more.

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A quick background on my anime experience. It was probably 10 years ago that I was real heavy into anime. I would watch it every day for hours. I would read about it when I couldn't be watching it. I kept track of anime that was coming to dvd. I talked anime on forums. You could say I was really into it and knew my stuff. However I was in a minority because I liked dub. If it wasn't dub then it wasn't going to be watched. And for those who only know 'dub' as a type of music, it means that it has English instead of Japanese audio. I just can't stand reading subtitles for shows.

Anyway, I now in the process of trying to make a list of shows and movies that I had watched and kinda annoyed at myself for not doing that back in the day. I did find a old file that lists shows that I had at least watched one episode because back then I would jump around a bit. I've learned since then to just stick with one or two shows at most. I bring this all up as last weekend I just happened to see a anime movie on a site and I got to reading and found that it has a series and before I know it, I was watching the series. The show is called Fafner and it was a pretty lame chance encounter to start up my anime watching again.

I'm not going to do a review on the show nor each episode which I find really stupid that sites do that. As I do with games, I will just share some thoughts. And please note that I might not be aware that there is ova/oav/specials/ect so I will just state what I know. The show has one full season of 26 episodes. In simple terms, the plot is that aliens have attacked and pretty much kicked humanity's butt and the show takes place on a special island with special people and such. Yea its not really original but whatever. One issue that I had is that barely any back story is given on these aliens. How did they first appear, attack, method, how did humanity react, anything. There is one or two quick flash backs that really just confuse you because they do it so they can explain something in the current episode.

I never felt like humanity was at the razor's edge of dying off because you got this neo-un (neo really?) that appears to have huge underground bases, advance tech, ect ect. Instead of filling in these huge holes they have character interaction and I guess 'growing' up junk that just seems like filler to me. There was a few good moments and episodes that was just enough to keep me going. I can't recommend this show at all as it does nothing good in any aspect. So there is the movie that takes place a couple years after the season. I'm slightly interested but it will have to wait awhile.

So with all the filler in the show, I took that time to do some research to see whats popular or what people have said are the favorite and worst anime. Animes that I seen repeated in the favorite section got a look and I've decided to go with Death Note. It be nice to watch a show where everyone isn't scared to hurt anyone.

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***Honestly its pretty shitty that I simply can't paste text from notepad or MS Word without this forum's shitty code fucking it up so badly.**

IGN came out with a list of 2012's most underrated games. I do enjoy going over these types of lists at the end of a year so I will be going over a few that I have found from various sites. Unless noted, everything is Xbox 360. For sites that aren't able to produce a overall list, I will randomly picked one of their people's lists. I'm sure I've made comments on some of these games before but eh, lets get started.

IGN's most underrated games of 2012:

5) Asura's Wrath

I generally stay away from games made in Japan but after doing a bit of research and really understanding the type of game this was, I really enjoyed playing it. Yeah I would say it was almost like playing a interactive anime show. I don't recall the fighting system to be all that great at times and I do remember some frustrating bits but the overall experience was good. The achievements were decent as well. I'd recommend the game to anyone who likes anime, story telling, or just needs a quality 'something different'.

4) Binary Domain

Japan has attempted a few times to make a Gears of War clone and pretty much failed in various degrees. However, BD is the rare exception. The story was interesting and told well. The gameplay was great and being able to blow off various parts of robots was real cool. The relationship system was crap and the achievements were kinda rough. I was hoping they'd quickly make a second game with some minor improvements and get some hype. Highly recommened.

3) Syndicate

I recall this game was alright but had some really bad plot holes and events. I don't really recall this game very much so that tells me it was just a generic experience. The achievements were crap and honestly I think I mentioned this game in a previous blog but I just can't remember much about it at this time.

2) Resident Evil 6

I have this game on the backlog after hearing that its more action based instead of the awful move, stop, fire, move, stop, fire. I only did the last RE because I did it coop. I'm sure I will get to this in 2013 but not really excited about it.

1) Silent Hill Downpour

I don't like horror games and even thou I barely looked at this game, the name Silent Hill is all about horror. I won't play this.

IGN's GOTY awards: (skipped sound, MP)

Best action game: Dishonored

On the backlog and I should've played it when it came out. I am quite interested in it as well.

Best fighting game: Dead or Alive 5

I just made a blog on this game so won't repeat myself.

Best racing game: Trials Evolution

Besides the point that I think their selection isn't a racing game, I like these types of games and I got the first Trials but probably won't bother with this one unless its on sale.

Best RPG: The Witcher 2 AoK (Enhanced Ed.)

This is one of my big letdowns of 2012 as I found the gameplay just boring and restrictive. I found the game dull and couldn't wait to finish it.

Best shooter game: Halo 4

On the backlog which is sad because I usually play Halo games right away. I will get to this very soon.

Best platform game: Fez

Heard of it but thats about it.

Best sports game: NBA 2k13

Like last year, it still has some bugs and very annoying My Player issues that really kill the fun for me.

Best graphics: Halo 4

I thought Far Cry 3 had some great visuals and I will compare when I play Halo 4.

Best story: The Walking Dead

I will be playing this series within a few weeks for sure.

Best arcade game: The Walking Dead

See above.

Best overall game: Halo 4

See above.

Gamespot GOTY awards:

Fighting: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Ugh... already ripped this game a couple weeks ago.

Action/Adventure: Dishonored

See above.

RPG: Guild Wars 2

Besides the point that I don't think this game should be allowed under 'RPG' I've not played this and don't plan to. I'm very very done with fantasy MMOs.

Shooter: Halo 4

See above.

Strategy: XCOM Enemy Unknown

While I was very happy a turned based game like this came out, I was annoyed with some of the game design choices. Achievements were alright.

Racing: Forza Horizon

Game was really fun, looked great, and the cars handled like they should. I would make minor changes to things but overall it was a very good game. Achievements for a Forza game was pretty dang nice.

Sports: Football Manager 2013

I've done a few manager games before and I just don't get hooked on them.

Platform: Spelunky

Never heard of it.

Arcade: Spelunky

See above

GOTY: Dishonored

See above.

Kotaku's top 11 (Kirk): (in no order and I will only mention games on the 360)

Max Payne 3: It was ok but I don't recall much about it and I'm pretty sure I mentioned it in a blog. Achievements sucked for sure.

The Walking Dead: See above.

XCOM Enemy Unknown: See above.

Far Cry 3: Awesome game.

Sleeping Dogs: Good in some areas, rough in others. Got kinda dull and boring at the end. Achievements were ok.

Joystiq's top 10: (in no order and I will only mention games on the 360)

XCOM Enemy Unknown: See above.

The Walking Dead: See above.

Fez: See above.

Dishonored: See above.

Halo 4: See above.

Mass Effect 3: While not as great as the second game, it was still quite fun. The limitations due to no Xbox Gold account was total crap for some parts of the game. I thought the ending was alright. Achievements were decent.

Seeing that a lot of games are repeating and most sites don't have the basic layout of best games ect ect, I'm not going to bother with any other sites.

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The final numbers for my Wii gaming:

Finished: 4

Done: 0

I'm not happy that I only got four games finished in two months. I didn't expect to get on such a hot Xbox 360 streak at the end of the year. I got a bunch of games on the backlog and a nice selected of genres at that.

Broken down by genre and yes I might not label something what others would:

FPS: 1

Racing: 1

Side Scroller: 1

Sports: 1

Well, at least I shared the love.

Broken down by month: (note that I got the Wii at the end of October)

November: 3

December: 1

No surprises here.

Summary and thoughts for 2013 for Wii:

I still have a lot of games to play so 2013 should be filled with a lot of fun. I'm confident that I will cruise thru 2013 without any issues and I hope to get at least one game finished per month.