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The game was a chore.

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I use it and allow certain sites to display ads.

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Being as this site is turning into a sub/fanboy, its dangerous to speak out in any way against the site or its employees. Having said that, even before all the sadness and others leaving, the site lack daily new content that a lot of other sites provide for free. If you aren't in love with an employee, there really isn't much here. You visit it when you got nothing else to do and move on.

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From the videos I've been checking out, the console version is going to be a lot better then the PC one. Better controls for me is the reason why I'm excited. Then you have the improved loot drop system and offline play bitches!

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I want to trade my Mirror's Edge (origin) key. PM you trade offers, can be origin or steam.

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I would only buy/use the official one. I'd be shocked if you couldn't get one real cheap from craigslist, pawnshop, or gamestop.

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I think the only time I really cared about the music in a game was Halo Reach. Generally I turn it off or lower it way down.

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Yes but if there is some glaring issues like the fourth game had, I can wait for a patch.

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Got a Sony in 2005. A LG in 2012. I did a lot of research and the LG was a steal at under $500 thanks to price matching. I would rank brands as Samsung first, LG second and thats all you need.

LED, 120hz, and 1080p.. rock on.