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My first game on Prince I got taken out by the more powerful Greeks but I knew it was coming.  Playing a new game on Prince and man, the AI is very sharp.  It don't help that I havn't played a proper Civ game in years.
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Steam is for patches and DLC.
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It really seems that the people who humped the hell out of IV are having the hardest time moving to V.  Thats fine if they need their super polished, twice expanded IV but don't QQ that V isn't as good.  Its a poor comparison.  If V was just a new version of IV, I doubt the buzz would be so high right now.  I sure as hell wouldn't buy it.
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I will try it when I get home in three hours.
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They knew that some would not like the changes but the series needed some fresh air.  In this case, the change is for the greater good.  A few will QQ but the majority will be quite happy. 
I've heard nothing of crashing bugs during X number of turns.  Have you tried installing the game on another pc and using that saved file on it and see if it still crashes?  No 2nd PC, ask a friend to try it.  Hell, post the file to any number of free hosting sites and link it here and let us see.
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I see the Policies adding a lot more depth to the game.  At least for me. 
Been a long time since I played Civ IV so I can't really recall anything from it.
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I also had an AI asked me about my units on his border but it was for a city-state war.  He did bring over some units just in case.  I thought that was pretty nice.
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@bwmcmaste said:
" @sins_of_mosin said:
" I like how they removed the gov and religion stuff.  Yay me.  :D haha 
Actually, they didn't: it's just been amalgamated under the "Policies" section. "

Well, its not the same as the previous games so I say it was removed.  You could say they combined them for the Policies but fact remains, you still don't pick a god.  :D
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Based off Just Cause 2, the game should be hella fun.
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People still play this now that Civ V is out?