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Crackdown is a great game.

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I've only lived in one town that had horrible tap water so we had to use those big things of water. Thankfully I live in a city with good water and two clean sources of water. Straight from the tap baby!

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Considering the actual stats put out by Nintendo, the Wii U did much much worse in the UK then the graph estimated.

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I'm going with GTA V. I think it will offer a better experience.

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The only price I really remember back in the day was Street Fighter II for the SNES was $80-85.

EDIT: Oh yeah, PS1 games were $40 because they were on disc and it was a big selling point for the system.

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This was all the same talk before the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out and it amounted to nothing.

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You need a new cooler and I would also check the case fans to see if they are clean and working properly. Also, how hot is the room the pc is in?

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Having played DMC games in the past and now playing DmC.... I can say for me that they waited too long to do this reboot. What will go down as the main disappoint about Japan devs/pubs was the inability to change and adapt their PS2 franchises into good/great current gen games. DmC is awesome but it came out too late in this gen's life cycle. Had it come out in 2007/08 and we'd probably be on our third or fourth game in that reboot series and be loving it.

Japan loves to blame the West and until they decide to finally take the blame, they'll remain average at best.

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I don't recall eating any of her food or ever seeing any of her products in stores.

She should have more then enough money to last the rest of her life and her kids if she planned correctly.

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I would also say Just Cause 2. Sacred 2.