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A whole lotta QQ over nothing.

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The same as current... idiots putting a electronic device that requires hot air to be removed into a enclosed or tiny space because it looks good in their entertainment center. Or leave it on or just off the floor is another way to suck in those helpful bits of dust and hair.

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Every Japanese dev needs to change their approach. Overall they have failed to put out a consistent quality product this gen. Yes they have put out one or two games a year that isn't crap but it seems now they just put out minor updates to old games like Final Fantasy whatever.

If they want to stay relevant in the next gen, they better really really change their approach.

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Since you brought it up... I seen this game listed on IGN's upcoming releases a few weeks ago. GB isn't the best or even that good at keeping up with news (unless its major) combined with the site's huge reduction in activity since the new site went up... I'm not surprised a GB junkie missed something.

I've seen gameplay vids and yeah it does look dated and not all that 'awesome', it could still be a decent game. Watch the vids and decide.

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I really like Chipotle for fast but quality-ish burritos. For actual fast food, I love Taco Johns. I like how they don't put beans in every damn thing. Their meat is actually good and I love crowns/o'les. However you spell them. Dairy Queen chicken baskets with gravy is awesome and their burgers are good as well.

Wish I had a Rallys around here.

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DNF after the patches is not a bad game really. A bit long at times but still better then average... now.

Anyway, I'd go AC2, that game was awesome.

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Shame that the game didn't ship like that for the Xbox 360.

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Is there a way/option/setting so that doublespace lines are turned off? Even when I hold shift down and hit enter to do a single line, when I'm finished, it reverts back to doublespace.

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When dipshits use a $ symbol instead of an S.

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I've only finished three games that were released this year so of those three, Gears of War Judgement was the best.