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I've had three android phones (currently with S3) and been given the chance to play around with a iphone. I would go with any android phone over a iphone. Shoot, I'g go android, windows, no phone, iphone. :D haha

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With the patches, DNF isn't a bad game. Longer then your typical shooter and with more things to do.

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You buy ram once... I don't see the problem with current prices.

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I've been meaning to play Nier for a long time so I'd go with that.

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I will give to groups, not people. Not after a local news station caught pan handlers who aren't homeless and makes so much money from it that they didn't need real jobs.

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Lets see, do I want more tracks or night time.... tracks.

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As in movies, I think having to protect a kid really kills the action and fun. Thats why I hope in that World War Z film, his family gets killed really quick.

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...... Really, people are going to make threads based on the rants of a random person? Someone make a thread quick, I'm going to rant about the haircut place closing 10 minutes early!

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3DS without any regret. Sony talks big about their handheld every E3 and then goes silent for another 12 months.

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