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Progressive is better, thats why everything is 720P or 1080P and not I.

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The PS2 was the trash era. It had so much trash that garbage collectors charged a special tax because so much trash built up during that time. Right now, we are in the spoiled era. We have a lot of top quality games that come out nearly every month and in some months there are several games that are a must play. We bitch and moan about every little stupid thing because if that dev didn't make another game, who cares we got another one who will make a game that will replace it anyway. Hollywood has its own set of issues so comparing the video game industry to them is just wrong to me.

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I've had the beta for D3 since last year and even thou I try every few weeks to like it, I just find it boring. Compared with other fantasy games currently out, the gameplay is just so dated. I also feel like they are making it like a MMO were it takes hours and hours before you unlock anything cool. The first act is just blah, nothing exciting happens. This game needed to come out in 2004. And for MP3, I'll be all over that.

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I had two of the MS rechargeable packs and would use one while the other charged. The first one I got started to get shorter and shorter life and eventually wouldn't charge at all. Back then, I played for at least a couple hours every day so I got a ton of life out of it. The second one is still going strong and it can hold a charge for at least a couple weeks with normal playing.

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For all you who are stuck with odd ending numbers, here is a list of games with odd numbers so you can plan and get your score back to a 0 or 5.

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Thats nice to know but I don't see myself getting rid of my 360 hardware for a long time and I always destroy hard drives, discs, ect ect.

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I set a loose goal of 25,000 point blocks so when I get near to hitting that 25k, I become a bit of a whore but then I drop back to if it happens it happens. And while you can't turn off achievemnts, you can turn off the little notice that pops up when you get one. I'm about halfway thru a block now so I generally go back after beating the game to see if there is any easy or fun achievements to get. My score is currently 137,960.

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I wished they had used a different paint scheme as it don't look that cool. Now, while resident evil 5 was a lame game, it came out with a special edition in red and I thought that was totally awesome.

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Finished F1 2010 last night and wow, it was tough to finish. Looking forward to The Witcher 2 next week.

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When I was a lad growing up in the 80s, fast food was a rare thing to have. It was a treat. Hell, I still remember how good the burger king chicken sandwich was back when they cut it in half at a angle. Anyway, I have to agree with a lot of posts on here that its dumb to ask a company to stop selling something that is totally not forced onto people. Now if it was a group asking the feds or state to increase the speed limit on highways and interstates, I'd get behind that 100%.