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Why is there a random homeless heroin addict up on stage?

He sure can read a screen very well... and very obviously.

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The console itself looks fine.. WOW that guy looks really odd... oh gawd... I don't give a damn about Sony Pictures and shit.

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Ugh, that GT6 trailer looked like shit. The cars seem to glide.

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Ugh, who gives a shit about a dead handheld. Just like the damn psp before it, they talk about it at E3 and thats it for another 12 months.

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No start to the stream yet. Seems people still being seated according to a live blog.

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Eh, if it allows someone stuck at work or such to be able to join in on some gaming then its ok. What I'm afraid of is the online only theme I'm seeing a lot of in the next gen games.

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To have a lower price then the other would just be too much PR ammo. If the X1 came out at $400 then I would say for sure the PS4 would be too. But, at $500, it gives Sony a huge chance to gain a advantage by coming out at $400.

I understand that the new kinect and blah probably added at least $100 to the price but I just think $500 is too much at this time in the world economy.

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I wonder if anyone has teamed up with AT&T again. HA.

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Looking forward to all the 360 games. All I want is a list of 360 games with their expected/official release date and any videos of them.